You Can Take Them With You: Pet Friendly Colleges and Universities

No one at home to take care of Fluffy when you head off to college?  Does the thought of leaving behind Fido make you cringe?  Some colleges understand that Spot and Princess are a part of your family – and they are welcoming your family pet with open arms.  Who knew that the college search could also involve your cat and dog?

So they won’t play catch or cuddle, but many (or should we say most?) colleges and universities do let you have fish!  At the University of Notre Dame students can keep fish in up to 30 gallon tanks – as long as they leave their Piranha behind.  University of Georgia and Northern Arizona University are fish lovers too allowing residents a maximum 20 gallon aquarium.

Your gerbil or turtle can keep you company as you cram during finals week at Harvey Mudd College, with roommate and suitemate approval that is!  Amphibian friendly Humboldt State University is okay with incoming students bringing in aquarium pets like lizards, snakes, or turtles – just keep the tank under 10 gallons and you are in the clear! Principia College and Vassar College also allow caged animals, and Wellesley College has ten halls that allow pets like birds, fish, and rodents — though in some cases (depending on the floor) it may be put to a vote.

Bring in the bunnies at Case Western Reserve University – they approve small, caged animals, like guinea pigs and hamsters.  Sororities and fraternities at Case Western Reserve University can even apply for a house “mascot, “ too.  The Greek system at Lehigh University permits one registered cat or dog per Greek House!

But what about dogs and cats?
The fact is you don’t really need to narrow your selections to just the schools that advertise that they are pet-friendly. Many schools do accommodate pets, but you need to know what to ask and how to get the permission you need to bring YOUR pet to your school (even cats and dogs). We have put together a detailed guide on Pet-Friendly Colleges, which not only includes a comprehensive list of schools that provide accommodations, but also lots of tips and tricks to get the authorization you need to bring your pet to your school. Also, this guide provides the insight you need to not LOSE the privilege of bringing your pet to college, especially when roommates and neighbors may not be as happy about your pet as you are.

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