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If you are looking for a career that allows you the freedom to explore your talents and challenges you to grow, then it is time to look into pursuing an online art or design degree!

Online Art Degrees

Do you have an eye for color and design? Do you enjoy creating visual works of art in various forms of media? Some people are born to be creative and you can let that creativity flow by turning your passion into an exciting career!

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Now, more than ever, more and more students are returning to school to pursue their passions and change careers. When juggling work responsibilities or family life, choosing to earn your Art or Design degree online can be the perfect solution to achieve your educational goals.

Careers in Art and Design

In the table below, we have listed a handful of different career paths to help you get an idea of what is available after you graduate with an online Art or Design degree.

Job Title Annual Median Salary
Creative Director, Advertising $91,000
Cinematographer $60,898
Web Designer $56,192
Interior Decorator $54,887
Graphic Designer $49,121

The salaries that you can expect in the art and design job market are as varied as your career options. While many graduates begin in entry-level positions, it is possible to meet or exceed the mid-career salaries listed above after dedicating 10 or more years to your chosen profession.

Online Art and Design Degrees

Student taking Online Art and Design degree, checking his project

Art is a universal language, and top corporations and businesses understand the need for educated professionals with art and design skills. From marketing and advertising to creative and graphic arts, there are several ways to turn your Art and Design degree into a lucrative, fulfilling career.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Art and Design

There are several online bachelor’s degree programs available within the field of Art and Design.

Below are some of the most popular degree programs:

Computer Animation

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Game Art / Game Design

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Graphic Design

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Web Design & Development

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Typically, the courses you will encounter in a bachelor’s degree program are more specialized and in-depth to provide you with a greater knowledge base within your concentration.

Online Master’s Degrees in Art and Design

Woman getting her Master’s Degrees in Art and Design online

Once you have completed your undergraduate education, you now have the option to move towards a graduate degree in Art and Design. At this point in your education, you will be taking courses that directly relate to your master’s degree.  Instead of focusing on basic knowledge and comprehension, you will instead be honing your craft and working towards mastery within your field of study.

Online Master’s Programs:

The most common online master’s degree programs in Art and Design are related to art creation and the academic fields.

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Below are examples of some of the many online master’s degrees available in this field:

  • Film and TV Production
  • Script and Screenwriting
  • Theatre
  • Fine Art and Art History
  • Fashion Design
  • Animation

By earning your online master’s degree in Art and Design, you open the doors for a higher salary and greater opportunities while giving yourself the education you need to master your passion.

Online Doctorate Degrees in Art and Design

Man taking Online Doctorate Degree in Art and Design

Those who are interested in art history or have a career goal that revolves around teaching or consulting are the most common students to pursue an online doctorate degree in Art and Design.

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There are a number of steps required to earn your doctorate degree, including around 48 hours of specialized coursework, dissertation development, and independent studies. The most common online Art and Design degrees that can be pursued at the doctorate level include:

  • Fine Arts
  • Instructional Design and Technology
  • Art Education
  • Art History

Earning the right to have a Ph.D. after your name is the pinnacle of many students’ educational journey. Whether you plan on teaching at a university or simply want to attain the highest level of education in your craft, completing an online doctorate’s degree in Art and Design is a great accomplishment.

Art and Design Career Outlook and Salary Information

When considering the career outlook of art and design occupations, there is a wide variance based on the specialized field that you choose. Overall, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that art and design careers will decline 4% between the years 2019 and 2029, resulting in the about 32,900 jobs lost during that time frame.

Art and Design is a diverse major, and as previously discussed, the average salary can vary widely. When all occupations in this field are taken into consideration, the median annual wage for art and design professionals is $48,130 (as of May 2019). This average is higher than the annual wage for all occupations, which is a major positive for art and design graduates!

View our list of the top 40 Art careers to compare jobs and salaries in this field.

Is an Online Degree in Art and Design Right for me?

Art Director and cinematographers discussing a project

There’s no doubt about it. Earning a degree requires a great deal of hard work and commitment. Once you have determined that Art and Design is your major of choice, it is time to start looking into the various educational options that are available.

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Online degree programs have become a popular choice for busy adult students, and several top universities are now offering competitive online Art and Design degree programs that allow you to log-in to classes when it is most convenient for you.

There are many advantages to completing your Art and Design degree online, including:

  • Opportunity to work on creative projects at your own pace
  • Ability to schedule studio time on your schedule
  • Online access to interactive art and design software
  • Opportunity to virtually work with top art professionals in your field
  • Flexibility to customize your degree program
  • Ease of advancing your education with art and design graduate degrees

With flexible options that allow you to express your creativity on your own schedule, there is no better time than now to look into degrees online in Art and Design!

Comparing Top Art and Design Degree Programs

There are many factors involved in finding a respected college that offers an online Art and Design degree that you can easily translate into a viable career. Not only do you need to find a program that matches your specific skills and interests, the college you choose needs to have the credentials and reputation to back up your degree.


University offering Art and Design Degree Programs

With the increased popularity in online Art and Design degree programs, “degree mills” have become a legitimate concern for students. You can take steps to avoid falling into this trap by researching the accreditation of your prospective college.

An accredited school does more than just look good on paper. By going through the independent accreditation process, colleges are ensuring that their educational opportunities are meeting the needs of their student body.

A few of the names that you can look for when considering the accreditation of your online Art and Design degree program include:

There are many specialized accrediting agencies that work to ensure quality in Art and Design degree programs. Consider looking at the U.S. Department of Education’s Accreditation information for a detailed review of recognized accrediting agencies.

Student to Faculty Ratio

Every student deserves personalized support during their educational journey in order to help them succeed. This is even truer when working on a degree in Art and Design that requires the completion of creative projects as part of your course requirements. One way that colleges support online Art and Design students is by having a low student to faculty ratio in their courses.

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A qualified professor that is able to focus on a small group of students will have the time and energy to devote to helping every student succeed in their chosen courses. There are many ways that you can expect to interact with your instructors and other students throughout your online degree program. Having the support of the faculty and connection to a small group of classmates can make all the difference in your success!

Academic Advising and Student Services

Art Major student and mentor during in-person studio time

Students that are taking online courses still deserve to have the same level of educational support as on-campus students, and the best online colleges understand this need. Most schools have a section built into their website where you can explore the various student services that are available.

Some of the services that are especially helpful for online Art and Design majors include:

  • Interactive, virtual mentoring with art and design professionals
  • Flexible in-person studio times for art majors
  • Internship opportunities within art and design concentrations
  • Career advising and support

For those who have a passion for the arts, earning an online degree in Art and Design can help turn innate skill into a successful career. Whether you plan on

Whether you plan on pursuing your education at the graduate degree level or just want to increase your skill level within your specialty, choosing to enroll in an online Art and Design program is a great first step towards your future!

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