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For those who love working with complicated equations and statistical information, a degree in mathematics offers a versatile skill set that can be used across a variety of industries.

Online Mathematics Degrees

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Whether you see yourself working in a fast-paced corporate setting or you’d like to teach math skills to others, there are a number of ways to turn your online mathematics degree into a lucrative and rewarding career.

Careers in Mathematics

Mathematics is a broad field that can contain several different disciplines. Depending on the specialized route you choose to take within your online degree program, you may find work in insurance, business, education, or engineering.

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In the table below, we have put together a shortlist of common jobs in mathematics along with their annual median salaries based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Careers Annual Median Salary
Actuaries $105,900
Mathematicians $96,280
Statisticians $95,570
Actuarial Analysts $48,160
Mathematics Teachers $61,820

While the career paths for a mathematics degree are varied, they typically offer median annual salaries that are substantially above the national average across all occupations. Typically, you will begin your career in an entry-level position, but over time you may have the opportunity to earn top pay after gaining experience or additional education. Please keep in mind that some employers look for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be considered for a few of these positions. 

Types of Online Mathematics Degrees

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Accredited universities across the country are now offering online mathematics degree programs that are perfect for those that need more flexibility in their education.

With the type of careers associated with the mathematics field, we recommend starting with a bachelor’s level degree program. This gives you the option to begin looking for employment in entry-level positions or move forward in your education by working towards a graduate degree within your chosen mathematics concentration.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics

An online bachelor’s degree in mathematics will teach you more than just equations. You will also develop a deep understanding of mathematical theory, reasoning, and problem-solving. Typically, these programs cover three main areas of mathematics, which are analysis, algebra, and statistics.

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During the course of your online program, you will take a number of general education courses as well as classes in advanced mathematics. A few of the common courses that you may see within your degree program include:

  • Mathematical proof and problem solving
  • Differential equations
  • Abstract algebra
  • Calculus
  • Real analysis

With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you will be prepared to find work within a number of professional industries, including business, economics, and natural or social sciences.

Online Master’s Degrees in Mathematics

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A master’s degree in Applied mathematics is a popular online degree program that involves a dynamic study of a number of different disciplines. Throughout the course of this graduate-level program, you will discover how mathematics applies to many fields of science, including physics, engineering, ecology, economics, and atmospheric science.

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You will typically need to complete around 42 credits to earn your master’s degree in mathematics, and your courses will cover a variety of topics that include:

  • Mathematical methods
  • Numerical analysis
  • Scientific computing
  • Climate modeling
  • Mathematical biology
  • Mathematical finance

While your coursework will likely be available solely through online study, students are generally required to pass comprehensive final exams or give a research presentation in order to successfully graduate.

Mathematics Career Outlook and Salary Information

The field of mathematics is essential to a number of professional industries and this results in a very positive outlook for those who are interested in pursuing this discipline as a career.

There is also a greater push for mathematics professionals who are well-versed in technology, so it is always a good idea to ensure you are enrolling in a degree program that will teach you these vital skills. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mathematicians can expect to see 33% occupational growth over the next 10 years.

Additionally, actuaries and statisticians will see 24% growth respectively in this same time frame. With the high demand for skilled mathematics professionals and the advanced education that is often involved to get started in this field, the average annual salary for mathematics careers is typically much higher than the national average.

For example, the BLS reports that mathematicians enjoy an average yearly salary of $96,280. It is also reported that actuaries make an annual wage of around $105,980.

View our list of the top 40 mathematics careers to compare jobs and salaries in this field.

Is an Online Degree in Mathematics Right for Me?

Student attending online Degree in Mathematics

Due to their high level of flexibility, online degrees are a popular choice for students who are working a full-time job or have family obligations outside of school.

However, it is important to understand that just because a degree is available online doesn’t mean that it is not going to be challenging. The coursework associated with an online mathematics degree is typically the same as the university’s on-campus programs, and it requires a great deal of discipline and self-motivation to keep your education on track.

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Beyond the flexibility that you can find with an online mathematics program, there are several advantages to taking virtual classes, including:

  • Various options to specialize in your degree program with a mathematics concentration
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and technological training platforms
  • Accelerated courses that allow you to complete your degree in less time than traditional schooling

For students who have a motivated personality and are passionate about learning the advanced skills needed to succeed in a mathematics program, online degrees are an excellent way to further your education in a timeframe that fits into your busy life.

Comparing Top Mathematics Degree Programs

The majority of online mathematics degrees are offered through reputable, accredited universities that have high standards for their curriculum and educational offerings. However, there are several additional factors that you should take into consideration before choosing the degree program that is right for you.


University offering Mathematics Degree Programs

Ensuring that your online degree is offered by an accredited university should be your first step when researching mathematics degree programs.

By enrolling in an accredited school, you have a better chance of avoiding the trap of degree mill colleges that are not recognized in the professional arena. Since accredited programs have been independently reviewed for high-quality standards, you will have peace of mind that you are taking classes that will adequately prepare you for the challenges of the workforce.

The United States Department of Education recognizes many accrediting agencies across the country.

If you are wondering whether your college’s accreditation is reputable, take a look at the U.S. Department of Education website.

Student to Faculty Ratio

Small class sizes are a key component to helping students succeed in their online mathematics program. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, you can feel comfortable knowing that your instructor will provide a personalized educational experience and give you the support you need to reach your full potential within the program.

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The science of mathematics is interdisciplinary and highly in-depth, which requires skilled faculty to be able to help students understand advanced concepts.

Academic Advising and Student Services

Online Mathematics Degree student attending peer mentorship

There is more to succeeding in higher education than just opening textbooks and turning in your assignments. You also need to know that you have the support of your school when challenges arise.

To help online students receive the most out of their education, many colleges offer various student services that can help you throughout the course of your mathematics degree program. These services may include the following:

  • Virtual academic and career advisement to help you keep your mathematics program on track
  • Online tutoring or peer mentorship programs for extra support in challenging classes
  • Access to a variety of educational platforms, including live lectures and workshops from leading mathematics professionals
  • Opportunities to participate in internship programs across a variety of mathematics disciplines

If you would enjoy an in-depth study of the sciences and have a passion for mathematics, an online mathematics degree could be the perfect way to help you achieve your future career goals. Whether you want to work in education, business, or research, there are a number of ways to turn this sought-after degree into a lucrative and rewarding career.

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