Is an Online Degree Worth It?

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There used to be a stigma against online degrees. Many people thought learning online was not as good as studying in a traditional classroom setting.

Is an Online Degree Worth It

To some extent, others considered online degrees a farce. After the pandemic, though, when campuses had to close and educational institutions were forced to provide the same quality education remotely, perspectives toward online degrees changed for many.

Now, most consider online degrees on par with on-campus programs.

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In some cases, they may be even better! If you’re looking for a quick college degree that you can pursue flexibly and that will provide you with the same amount of career opportunities as a degree from a traditional on-campus program, then an online degree may be just right for you.

Benefits of Online Degrees

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There are plenty of benefits that can come with getting a degree online. Here we’ll break down some of the main motivators for students to pursue an online degree:

Cost-Effective Programs

On average, online degrees come out thousands of dollars cheaper than regular degrees, and that’s just the tuition! You can also save money on room and board and commuting fees too.

The flexibility granted by online degrees can also allow you to earn an income while you’re learning.

Flexible Education

Online degrees have a more flexible academic calendar. You may earn your degree around your own schedule, learning at your own pace.

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The amount of work you put in is a determining factor in how fast you can get a teaching degree online. If you decide to take it up a notch, you can even dedicate extra time to your degree and finish early!

Digital Advantages

Because online degrees are done on digital platforms, they can often better equip you with more knowledge and know-how in using technology and multimedia tools. This is a great advantage in the world today because many careers have duties reliant on these types of modes and equipment.

Outcome-Based Assessments

Online degrees are often standardized based on learning outcomes. Your grades will likely be entirely based on the effort you put in and the result of the knowledge you’ve gained and not based on the individual whims of professors.

Diverse Classrooms

Online degrees often feature more diverse classrooms that are made up of students from different backgrounds, experience levels, and locations. Even if you don’t see each other face-to-face, you may be able to connect and build a network that spans globally.

Why an Online Degree Is Worth It

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Aside from the benefits you can enjoy while you’re taking your online degree, your program can bring a lot of promise for your career.

Here are some ways that an online degree may positively affect your future:

Higher Salaries and Lower Unemployment

Online degrees are now acclaimed in a similar way as regular degrees, so they’re able to bestow the same prestige to students right when they graduate. If you have a degree, even one that was completed online, you will likely gain access to higher starting salaries and experience lower unemployment rates.

Variety of Career Opportunities

Your online degree is designed for real-world application, which means it can help prepare you to face the professional scene as soon as you get your diploma. Online programs are known to give their students a variety of career opportunities right off the bat.

Global Connections

The global connections you make through your online degree may expand your horizons beyond just the United States. This can help you kickstart your career from wherever you are!

Do Employers Respect Online Degrees?

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One of the main concerns of people pursuing online degrees is how employers view them. You might be worried that they’ll discount your degree if it was completed online, but that’s typically not the case.

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Acceptance of online degrees has risen, and many employers value potential hires from accredited online educational institutions. That said, views on earning a quick college degree online may still vary for some.

How Employers Evaluate Online Degrees

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When evaluating online degrees, employers mainly look at the institution where the degree was completed. They usually look more favorably upon degrees from well-known institutions accredited by formal educational bodies.

Additionally, some employers are more likely to embrace online degrees from schools that also have brick-and-mortar institutions. This stems from the belief that traditional colleges with campuses will put the same amount of attention into their online offerings as they would their on-campus offerings.

Find an Online Degree for You

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An online degree is worth it for many, both for the experience it can provide while learning and the opportunities it may lead to after graduation.

If you want more information on how to get a degree online, you can check out My College Guide’s resource on the fastest online degrees available to kickstart your professional career!

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