How Fast Can You Get a Teaching Degree Online?

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You might already be teeming with excitement for adulthood and want to get in on the action as fast as you can. If that’s the case, a 4 year bachelor’s degree might feel like such a long time.

how fast can you get a teaching degree online

Fortunately, there are fast degree programs that you can take online that can help accelerate your career.

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These degrees typically range from 1 to 4 years, depending on the program and your end goal (e.g. certification, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree). For example, it’s possible to get a teaching degree online in just 2 years!

Getting an Online Teaching Degree

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A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education requirement to become a licensed teacher and to teach in early childhood programs and public and private schools. That said, you may be allowed to teach in more informal settings with an associate’s degree or certification in teaching.

An online teaching degree typically takes about the same amount of time as those taken in a traditional classroom setting.

Is an online degree worth it? For many students, it is, primarily for the flexibility it can offer.

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You can get many of the same results online as you would at a physical school, except you don’t have to be seated in class every day. Instead, you may go through your coursework at your own pace and time.

What Do You Learn in an Online Teaching Program?

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An online bachelor’s degree in teaching can equip you with the formal learning and technical skills needed to effectively carry out different methods of teaching. Here are some of the most common courses that you may encounter:

Education Data and Assessment

Most colleges and universities in the United States use a standardized testing system to assess students’ achievements and identify learning gaps.

Your online teaching degree will likely touch on how these mechanisms work and walk you through how to make appropriate interventions for students who need academic help.

Instructional Technology

Learning can’t be done with books alone, especially nowadays when technology has disrupted classrooms. Your program may teach you how to use new digital and multimedia tools to improve the learning experience and allow everyone to advance their education.

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

A course on developmentally appropriate practices is designed to teach you how to build appropriate lesson plans for children with special needs. This is important even if you’re not looking into a career specifically in special education (SPED), as inclusive classrooms may have SPED kids learning alongside their peers.

Why Get a Teaching Degree Online

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Getting your teaching degree online is often an affordable and convenient way to kickstart your career in education. Some reasons you should consider taking these types of flexible programs include:

Flexible Education

Online degrees are typically much more flexible than regular offline ones. Many of these programs let you learn at your own pace and time, which is ideal if you can’t commit to the rigid hours of a classroom.

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You also don’t have to uproot your life just to go to school, and you also don’t have to move closer to a city, commute long hours, or even drastically change your everyday schedule.

Cost-Effective Programs

Online degrees are usually less expensive than on-campus ones, but it’s still best to check your options and see which program works best within your budget. What you often save the most of in online programs is time, which can make it worth it.

Faster Degrees

Online learning opportunities often come at an accelerated pace. You may finish the same course faster from your home than if you took it in a classroom, with some programs finishing in just 1 year.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Teaching Degree Online?

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How fast you can get an associate’s degree online in teaching will depend on several factors, including your workload, your initial knowledge of the subjects covered, and your learning pace as a student.

Generally, an online bachelor’s degree in teaching will set you back 4 years, which is similar to how long it takes off-campus. This typically includes a practicum in your last year that will give you hands-on practice teaching kids.

That said, there are also other teaching programs that you can take that may allow you to get started on your career in education early. These can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years.

Finding an Online Teaching Degree

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My College Guide has compiled a resource on the fastest degrees you can take online, including options for education. You can check it out to find a bachelor’s degree program that can help you accelerate your career!

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