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Psychology students study the human mind, how we behave and how our brains work. They examine how we learn, communicate, remember, and adapt.

 What Can You Do With A Psychology Degree

With a degree in Psychology, you may choose to advance the field through research or teaching, or opt to work directly with clients, providing therapy or counseling services. But those aren’t the only options.

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In addition to learning about the human brain, you will also develop some very versatile skills. You’ll learn to think critically, gather and analyze data, and write and speak effectively. All of these skills will be valuable in a wide array of professions – from business to marketing to almost anything!

Let’s take a look at 10 career paths you could choose with a degree in Psychology – some closely related, and some you may not have considered!

What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

Here are 10 career paths you can take with a psychology degree.


Psychologist and client in a session

This is most peoples’ first thought, but few know what a Psychologist actually does. A Psychologist conducts studies of behavior and brain function, they observe and survey individuals, they look for patterns and attempt to make predictions, and then they share their assessments through articles and reports that are of value to medical professionals.

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There are many different types of Psychologists, including:

  • Counseling Psychologists
  • Developmental Psychologists
  • Forensic Psychologists
  • School Psychologists

Psychologists typically need a doctoral degree, but some positions may be open to those with a master’s degree. If working in clinical practice, you will need a license.

BLS Data for Psychologists
2019 Median Pay $80,370
Job Outlook, 2019 to 2019 3% growth (about as fast as average)

Counselor: School, Career

A School Counselor discussing with a student

You’re probably familiar with what a School Guidance Counselor does – evaluates aptitude test scores, maintains records, reports neglect or abuse, helps address social and behavioral issues, guides academic progress, and councils individuals regarding college and career plans.

Career Counselors provide similar guidance, helping their clients evaluate their interests and skills and make decisions about their career paths. They may work with college students or with adults already in the workforce. Most School and Career Counselor’s have master’s degrees and are licensed.

BLS Data for School and Career Counselors
2019 Median Pay $57,040
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 8% growth (much faster than average)

Counselor: Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorders, Mental Health

Counselor and attendees in a Substance Abuse counseling session

If you’re interested in counseling adults, perhaps you would be interested in working with individuals who struggle with alcoholism, drug addition, eating disorders, mental health issues or behavioral disorders. They will need help identifying their problems and developing a plan for recovery or modification.

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These types of counselors work in hospitals and clinics, as well as in prisons, for example, and require a master’s degree and a license.

BLS Data for Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder and Mental Health Counselors
2019 Median Pay $46,240
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 25% growth (much faster than average)

Counselor: Genetics

Counselor and couple discussing about genetic testing

This profession combines medical knowledge with counseling and support services. Genetic counselors work in a health care setting to serve families and individuals who are undergoing genetic testing to identify their risks for certain disorders and diseases.

These counselors may help a patient determine what type of testing is needed, as well as help him or her interpret results and understand the medical and psychological implications of the test results. A master’s degree with some coursework or experience in Genetics and Counseling is typically necessary for this occupation.

BLS Data for Genetic Counselors
2019 Median Pay $81,880
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 21% growth (much faster than average)

Therapist: Marriage, Family

Marriage Therapist and clients in session

If you’re a good listener and interested in relationships, you could become a Couples / Marriage Therapist or Family Therapist. You would have an opportunity to help client’s process life changes, communicate about their emotions and develop skills to cope with difficult situations.

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In this role, you will likely work in private practice and coordinate with other patient treatment professionals. You will need a master’s degree or higher as well as a license to practice.

BLS Data for Marriage and Family Therapists
2019 Median Pay $49,610
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 22% growth (much faster than average)

Social Worker

A Social Worker talking to an elderly

You might think you have a good idea of what Social Workers do, but it’s actually a broader field than many people realize.

Social Workers work for individuals, families, schools, government and in healthcare facilities including clinics and hospitals. Many work directly with patients, responding to crisis situations, helping people deal with life changes and providing other support. Some work with whole communities, advocating for policies and services needed for minorities, foster families and so on.

Because the field is so broad, the educational requirements are as well. Some Social Workers need only a bachelor’s degree. To be a Clinical Social Worker, though, you will need a master’s degree, work experience and a license.

BLS Data for Social Workers
2019 Median Pay $50,470
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 13% growth (much faster than average)

Market Research Analyst

A group of Market Research Analysts working in the office

Do you have strong math and analytical skills? Think you could help companies understand what products people want, who will buy them and how much they will pay? This may be a good fit for you.

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As a Market Research Analyst, you would focus on monitoring trends and sales forecasts, evaluating consumer behavior by gathering and analyzing consumer data, and developing appropriate marketing strategies. You can get started in this profession with just a bachelor’s degree. If you’re drawn to the research end of things, though, you may need a master’s degree.

BLS Data for Market Research Analysts
2019 Median Pay $63,790
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 18% growth (much faster than average)

Survey Researcher

Survey Researcher working in his desk

A degree in Psychology can prepare you to collect and analyze data, which is exactly what you would do as a Survey Researcher.

Survey Researchers design easy-to-understand surveys, anticipate sampling issues and margins of error, summarize data using tables or graphs, and then evaluate their findings. A bachelor’s degree may be enough to land some entry level jobs, but many research positions require a master’s or even a PhD.

BLS Data for Survey Researchers
2019 Median Pay $59,170
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 4% decline

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Marketing Manager discussing reports to the team

Apply your understanding of the human mind and behavior by making predictions and developing strategies that will garner interest in a company’s products or services.

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers coordinate with department heads and work within budgets to develop campaigns, contests, pricing strategies, etc. They establish the appropriate “look and feel” of websites or other promotional material, and conduct studies to ensure their material is reaching its target audience. They may work for large corporations, advertising agencies, or be self-employed.

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A bachelor’s degree is enough to land a job in this arena, but you should have coursework or other experience in advertising, marketing, promotions and/or sales.

BLS Data for Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers
2019 Median Pay $135,900
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 6% growth (faster than average)

Training and Development Manager

Training and Development Manager with her team having a meeting

As a Psychology grad, you will have the ability to work well with others, think critically and communicate effectively, which will make you an excellent candidate for managerial roles. You can oversee training and development, create and implement strategic goals, and evaluate and improve morale, for example.

Your understanding of consumer behavior and experience with gathering and analyzing data will also be valuable when it comes to interacting with and marketing to consumers. This position typically requires education and experience. A bachelor’s degree may get you into the company, but some experience will be required before you move into a management role.

BLS Data for Training and Development Managers
2019 Median Pay $113,350
Job Outlook, 2019-2029 7% growth (faster than average)

Can You Take Psychology Classes Online?

Psychologist counseling a patient

Yes! You can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in Psychology entirely online. In fact, Psychology is one of the best majors to study online because the material is so easily presented online.

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Psychology classes online are just like they are in a traditional classroom – mostly comprised of lectures, slideshows and videos. Online learning will work around your schedule, allowing you to maintain your personal and professional commitments.

What Can You Do With an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

After earning your bachelor of Psychology online, you could jump right into the workforce. Entry level jobs in social work, market research, or survey research, as well as positions in the advertising, promotions or marketing arena may be open to you.

Many students opt to further their education through Psychology master’s programs online, which will allow them to move into managerial or clinical roles, meaning a psychology degree is worth it for many students.

What Can You Do With an Online Master’s Degree in Psychology?

An online master’s in Psychology will open many more doors!  With this advanced degree, you could work as a Psychologist, Counselor, or Therapist – helping patients and their families directly!

You could also work in a managerial role for almost any corporation. Your online master’s will also prepare you to earn a license, when necessary.

What Industries Can You Use a Psychology Degree?

Psychologist in a session with a patient

Online psychology degrees are extremely versatile. Not only will you come to understand the brain and how it functions, but you’ll also learn to think critically, collect and analyze data, and communicate effectively.

With these skills, you may work in a hospital or clinic, in private practice, for a large corporation or a small business, in government or schools or in the non-profit sector. You could work directly with patients, manage other employees or conduct research.

It’s really up to you! An online Psychology degree provides skills that can be useful in almost any industry, in a wide variety of roles.

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