Reasons to Transfer Colleges

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Transferring colleges is something many students consider, so if you’re looking at a new school, you’re not alone.

Reasons to Transfer Colleges

It’s not bad to transfer colleges. In fact, many schools welcome transfers and have dedicated web pages just for these types of prospective students.

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There are many situations that justify continuing your studies at another institution, but here are some of the top reasons students want to leave the college they’re currently at:

Another School Has a Better Program

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If you find a school with a better program for your major (or a major that better suits your career goals), you may want to transfer. This includes majors that are broader or more specific in scope, depending on what you want to do after college.

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If the new program has required courses that you can’t take at your current school, you may be wondering when it is too late to transfer colleges. You can apply at any time, and to avoid a delayed graduation date, it’s usually a good idea to transfer before your junior year ends.

Another School Is Closer to Home

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If you get homesick when you’re at a school that is far away, you might want to consider transferring to one that’s closer to home.

You could still live in the dormitory if you’d like, but being closer to home allows you to visit more often. This may make it easier to focus on your studies instead of being distracted when you miss your family and friends. One benefit of studying close to home is that you might not have to live on campus.

Some colleges have policies that allow students to live off-campus if their permanent address is a certain distance from campus, so you may be able to save money by staying with family.

Another School Has Online Programs

Not every school offers online degree programs for every major. Thankfully, it’s typically easy to find programs you can complete remotely.

If you’d rather study from the comfort of your own home, it might be worthwhile to consider transferring to an accredited online program.

Another School Is in the Area You Want to Live In

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Your life outside of school is important, and if you’d rather live in another town or city, it’s wise to choose a college there. This might be especially true if you’re approaching your graduation, as it will likely be easier to look for jobs in an area where you’re already living.

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Even if you don’t know what city you want to live in, a change in your environment can be great if you’re not satisfied with the area where your current college is located. Being unhappy with the location of your school can put a damper on your college experience, so finding a town you like is important.

Another School Has Better Support

If you have a disability that impacts your education, it’s a good idea to find a school that can accommodate and advocate for you.

If you aren’t getting your needs met at your current school, it’s time to look at other options. For example, you may find that another school has more resources or extracurriculars, making it a better fit for you than where you are now.

Get Started Today

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Once you’ve decided to transfer colleges, it’s time to choose the school you want to transfer to. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, My College Guide is here to help.

We’ll show you academic programs for all degree levels and let you compare them. You can use our StudyMatch tool today to find your next college!

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