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For those that have earned a degree in Marketing, there are a number of exciting ways to utilize your unique skills in the fast-paced corporate world! Whether you are interested in administration and sales or want to be on the frontline of managing a business’s marketing initiatives, there are many career paths available to help you achieve your long-term goals.

The world of marketing is a specialized department within a business that is essential for maintaining profits and expanding the growth and outreach of an organization. Through the development of strategic marketing plans and public relations, marketing professionals help to showcase a company’s brand, products, and services to the general public.

In the table below, we have put together a comprehensive list of 40 top marketing careers and their median annual salaries to give you an idea of the opportunities available after graduating from a Marketing degree program:

Job Title Job Summary Median Pay
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Leads the branding efforts for all organization products and is responsible for managing and building the business’s contacts and relationship base. $177,198
Vice President (VP), Marketing High-level executives that are responsible for determining strategies that improve or maintain the market-shares of their organization. $127,275
Online Marketing Director Assists companies with increasing customer exposure online through development of internet marketing strategies and website coordination. $86,529
Senior Marketing Manager Middle-management position that is responsible for overseeing marketing planning, product development, and brand management. $96,079
Creative Director Leader of a departmental team that is tasked with the creation and implementation of a company’s creative work. $79,987
Marketing Director Responsible for managing and directing marketing tasks and projects on behalf of their organization. $83,373
Regional Sales Manager Works in a variety of industries to oversee other sales managers and develop marketing programs to increase company sales. $77,972
Marketing Communications Director Responsible for directing the marketing and communication activities of their organization. $83,235
Business Development Manager Helps a company develop effective sales strategies and referring relationships with clients and customers. $73,859
Brand Manager Specialized marketing managers that control and manage the ways that a company’s brand is exposed to the public. $76,406
Key Account Manager Works with sales and marketing teams to define sales goals, develop marketing initiatives, and ensure proper service levels for key accounts. $73,150
Associate Brand Manager Assists the brand manager with tasks related to the coordination and development of business plans and goals. $70,373
Online Marketing Manager Works closely with other marketing teams to grow brand awareness and increase sales through an effective online presence. $64,130
Digital Marketing Manager Responsible for developing and completing marketing projects in digital spaces to meet the organization’s goals. $71,463
Marketing Communications Manager Oversees the marketing of a business by focusing on brand awareness and customer retention and satisfaction. $66,857
Marketing Manager Supervises the creating of advertising or merchandising sales campaigns for a business. $69,024
Art Director Responsible for coordinating concept and design efforts for a company’s promotional campaigns. $69,556
Digital Strategist Works with a number of departments to create strategy and content for web presence and outreach. $69,828
Marketing Consultant Works within an organization to further the brand, image, and market share of the company. $71,147
Advertising Sales Manager Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with advertisers and ensuring their department meets quota objectives. $60,103
Project Manager, Marketing Works within an organization to keep a marketing project running smoothly through all stages of development and implementation. $67,732
Customer Service Manager Works in a variety of industries to develop and implement operational procedures and provide exceptional customer service. $57,220
Marketing Executive Works to establish marketing goals for their company and is responsible for designing and developing resources to assist sales. $61,617
Market Research Analyst Reviews market data and analyzes it to help develop strategies for a company to grow their profits over time. $63,856
Account Executive Sales position within an organization that is responsible for selling services and products to other businesses and individual clients. $60,571
Online Community Manager Coordinates with marketing and web development teams to interact with customers and clients through various online channels. $62,654
Account Manager, Advertising Works to effectively manage all advertising accounts for their company. $62,157
Marketing Specialist Assists a company with advertising its products and services by developing marketing approaches for products and brands. $55,826
Social Media Manager Responsible for facilitating social media marketing tasks and communicating with customers and vendors. $61,074
Account Executive, Advertising Acts as the direct link between an advertising agency and client and is responsible for client contact and coordinating product promotion. $55,252
Marketing Associate Entry-level marketing position that is responsible for administrative duties and supporting the day-to-day marketing operations of a company. $55,511
Sales and Marketing Coordinator Works with the sales and marketing departments of an organization to oversee specific sales and marketing techniques. $49,890
Marketing Coordinator Develops and coordinates marketing campaigns that include presentations, social media, advertisements and print. $49,267
Inside Sales Representative Works for an organization to sell the products and services they offer and meet inside sales goals. $45,876
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization Acts as the face of a social service, charity, or foundation to promote their non-profit’s message and manage programs and staff. $46,260
Social Media Coordinator Responsible for creating effective communication and customer relationships through social media marketing. $46,270
Advertising Sales Representative Works for a media outlet to help generate revenue by selling some aspect of their media space to advertisers. $40,296
Marketing Assistant Works within a marketing department to help with data collection and analysis for market research. $36,109
Customer Service Representative Responsible for handling general customer inquiries and building and maintaining business relationships with clients. $30,472
Advertising Sales Assistant Assists within an advertising department by handling administrative tasks and communicating with advertisers. $35,000

*Data sourced through Payscale.com

What can you do with a Marketing Degree?

The table above highlights a number of exciting careers within the field of marketing. While most graduates start out their careers in entry-level positions, in many job paths you will have a great potential to work your way up the ladder to management and executive positions.

The average annual salary for marketing jobs varies, as you can see from the numbers listed above. While many entry-level positions offer annual pay that is on par with the national average across all occupations, those who have worked their way up to leadership positions can enjoy an annual salary of well over $100,000 a year! As with any career, those who have higher-level education and experience within the field typically make much more per year than those just starting out in their careers. Depending upon your specific qualifications, you may make more or less than the salaries listed above.

What is a Marketing Degree?

A marketing degree is a reputable degree program that allows students to learn essential business, communication, and creative skills that can be utilized across a broad range of industries. Once you have earned your degree in Marketing, you will be able to take on roles within an organization that focus on developing advertising campaigns, brand messaging, and creating a positive relationship with current and prospective clients.

Throughout your educational journey, you will take several Marketing specific courses in addition to the general education courses required to earn your degree. These classes will cover a variety of topics and typically include:

  • Strategic marketing skills
  • Advanced business communication
  • Market research and analysis
  • Microeconomics
  • Business leadership and management

Now more than ever, adult students are pursuing their careers or juggling family obligations while they earn their Marketing degrees. To help you balance your busy schedule, many colleges and universities are offering online marketing degrees for Marketing and Business. There are several advantages to earning your degree online, and it may even be possible to complete your degree program in less time than traditional, on-campus schooling!

Marketing Career Outlook

The business world is competitive, and every day more and more companies are competing for sales within a target market. In order to stay relevant within their industry and continue expanding, organizations are always on the lookout for marketing professionals that can help them develop effective strategies to increase profits from the sales of their products and services.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for marketing careers is expected to continue increasing between the years 2019 and 2029. During this timeframe, advertising and promotions managers will experience a 6% growth rate while marketing managers will see growth of approximately 7%. These numbers are at or above the national average across all occupations, which is great news for students working towards a degree in Marketing!

If you are looking for a way to combine your management and creative skills into a rewarding career in the corporate world, then marketing may be the perfect field to showcase your talents! From creating advertising campaigns to project management or sales, there are countless options to utilize your Marketing degree in the world of business!

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