How Fast Can You Get a Master’s Degree Online?

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While a master’s degree can be costly to pursue, this degree has the potential to pay you back.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workers over the age of 25 without high school diplomas have median weekly earnings of $682. Their counterparts with bachelor’s degrees have average weekly earnings of $1,432, while those with master’s degrees earn an average of $1,661 per week.

How Fast Can You Get a Master’s Degree Online?

Your chances of finding a job may be higher with a master’s degree. According to the BLS, the unemployment rate for individuals with a master’s degree is 1.9% compared to the 4% of peers who only have a high school diploma.

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If you’re ready to boost your income and pursue your passions, it can be worthwhile to look into quick online degrees. Researching how to get an online degree can set you off on the right foot in your education journey: It can help streamline your ability to earn your degree.

How Long Does It Take?

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An online master’s degree typically takes 1 to 3 years to complete. The exact amount of time depends on the credit requirements for your program and the pace you can complete coursework.

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The average master’s degree requires the completion of 36 to 48 credits but can range between 30 to 72 credits.

Which Master’s Degrees Are the Easiest?

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“Easy” is subjective, so it truly depends on your passion and interest in a subject or field. You may find what is easy for others actually takes you longer because you simply don’t feel connected to the material!

It’s also important to keep in mind that not every degree will be faster to earn. How fast it takes to earn a psychology degree online will vary from how fast you can earn a computer science degree, for example. It’s truly dependent on your skillset, chosen program, and level of commitment.

That said, these are the degree fields that are generally easiest to find offered through an online learning institution:

  • Liberal arts
  • Teaching or education
  • Organizational leadership
  • Sports management
  • Human resource management
  • Criminal justice
  • Psychology
  • Creative writing
  • Social work
  • Nursing (RN to BSN and MSN programs)

No matter the degree you choose, doors of opportunity can open up for you. We mentioned that the BLS reports typically lower unemployment rates and higher wages for those who have earned a master’s degree, but other potential benefits include:

  • Opportunities for advancement in the workplace
  • More networking options
  • Better preparation for other higher learning (doctoral or PhD programs)
  • A competitive edge over other job applicants

With all of these options and benefits, many want to earn a master’s degree ASAP.

Tips to Get Your Master’s Degree Faster

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Don’t want to spend two or more years earning your master’s degree? There are some steps you may take to expedite the process.

The first step is to look into accelerated programs. These programs are typically designed for students who don’t have too many responsibilities or outside obligations. They condense standard 15 to 16 week courses into 5 week courses.

While it’s a shorter time frame, the same amount of information is still there! Students are required to do heavy lifting with coursework in order to earn their credits.

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It’s important to evaluate your current schedule and commitments to see if an accelerated master’s program is feasible for you. If you overload yourself with courses, you may find yourself quickly approaching burnout or unable to keep up with your coursework.

Getting Your Accelerated Master’s Degree Online

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Earning a master’s degree online may be an excellent idea for individuals who are looking to boost their professional repertoire.

It can help you open the door to new opportunities, allow you to engage further in a field you’re passionate about, and give you more knowledge to make an impact in your chosen field.

Earning a master’s online can potentially take 1 to 3 years if you are dedicated to full-time learning. If you opt for accelerated courses or have other experience that can apply toward your degree, this timeframe may be even shorter.

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