How Fast Can You Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online?

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Online universities have earned a lot of praise since the shift to digital learning, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only is online schooling convenient, allowing you to learn from anywhere with an internet connection and often at your own pace, but it’s generally more affordable than in-person education.

How Fast Can You Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online

For example, according to The College Board, a bachelor’s degree in computer science at a public, 4 year institution can cost more than $43,000 for in-state students. The same degree earned from an online university could potentially cost between $6,930 to $34,177, which can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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There are many programs that offer fast online degrees. In a traditional school setting, earning a bachelor’s degree can potentially take 4 or more years, depending on the major and program.

Through an online school, you may be able to earn a bachelor’s degree in a little over a year, approximately 18 months, depending on the program. There are online programs that also keep pace with traditional campus degrees, where you can graduate in 4 years or more.

Where and how you get an online degree will largely impact how quickly you get your degree.

Fastest Ways to Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online

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Non-traditional students – those who have to juggle other commitments, such as full-time work, families, or other obligations and can’t focus solely on their education – generally take longer to complete a degree.

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Your responsibilities don’t need to hold you back, though. There are ways you may quickly earn your bachelor’s degree online, such as:

  • Choosing a program with accelerated instruction: This is a unique online degree structure that consolidates the usual 16 week sessions in as little as 5 weeks. It is fast-paced with a heavier load of coursework, so you may need to set aside other obligations during this period.
  • Taking courses during breaks: The majority of programs offer a summer break in which classes don’t have to be taken, but many programs offer accelerated courses during these months. By taking these courses, you may get ahead in credit hours and complete your degree faster.
  • Earning credit for real-life experience: The American Council on Education (ACE) collaborates with universities to determine which college credits should be awarded based on experience outside of the classroom. Military and law enforcement experience, corporate training programs, professional credentials, and Competency-Based Education (CBE) are just a few examples of ways you may be able to earn credits for work and accomplishments you’ve already achieved!
  • Using high school courses for credit: If you took AP or IB courses in high school or were part of a dual-enrollment program, you may be able to apply those credits to your college transcripts.
  • Testing out of classes: There are multiple national testing programs that may allow you to test out of some college classes, typically general education courses. If you are interested in doing this, you can look into the College Level Exam Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST).

Earning a bachelor’s degree always requires a commitment, but with these methods, you may be able to earn a degree faster than you thought possible.

What Degrees Are the Easiest to Earn?

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While getting an online degree generally has fewer restrictions, some areas of study may be easier to complete online, such as:

  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Liberal Arts
  • English
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Criminal Justice

Many of these degrees also overlap with associate’s degrees, which can be helpful when you’re transferring from a community college.

Because of how transferring from community college works, completing general education classes and studies in these fields may help you maximize the number of credits that you can apply toward your bachelor’s. This can potentially save you time and money.

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Attending an online university for a bachelor’s degree may save you time and money.

A number of things may be done to earn your degree faster, potentially in as little as 2 years! You may take accelerated courses, earn credits during the summer, earn credits for life experiences, test out of classes, or apply credits earned in high school.

For more expert tips and tricks to earning your degree, finding the right program for you, and navigating the higher-learning landscape, My College Guide is here to help.

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