What Are the Best General Studies Careers?

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General studies careers can be good options for those who are still unsure of what kind of career they want in the future. Majoring in general studies can help open the door for many job opportunities in many different industries.

Best General Studies Careers

It can give students the chance to take a variety of courses and consider jobs across many different fields and find out what it is they want to do. It can also help students get their foot in the door for higher careers in the future.

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If the typical college degree programs don’t feel like perfect matches for your interests and career goals, then consider a general studies degree program.

Careers in General Studies

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A general studies major can potentially lead to a large range of potential jobs in different fields depending on what courses are taken. It can be a good option for those still searching for a career path that they’re passionate about. After graduating, you can potentially seek jobs in business, finance, public health, information technology, marketing, or many other different fields.

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Many general studies degree jobs are entry-level positions that can lead to more higher-paying jobs in the future after gaining experience. Once you find a sector of the workforce you enjoy, you can then can more experience and expand your knowledge in the field with internships and work study programs.

Much like finance careers and careers in graphic design, a general studies degree teaches a variety of different skills to prepare you for careers in many different fields.

  • Teamwork
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Humanities, science, and technology skills
  • Research skills
  • Mathematics
  • Problem-solving skills

Once you get an idea of what you enjoy, you will be able to choose from a variety of courses that interest you in a specific concentration. This allows you to gain more skills and experience within a specific field. If you find you really enjoy creative courses, maybe you’ll want to take some more marketing classes. Or, perhaps you really enjoy math courses, this may lead you toward a path in finance.

Keep in mind, that certain career paths, such as social work, may require further studies and a degree concentration within the field.

5 Things You Can Do with a General Studies Degree

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After graduation with an online general studies degree, you may wonder what can you do with a degree in general studies. Luckily, you can pursue many different careers. Many require a variety of skills like communication skills and organizational skills, which you’ll learn throughout your coursework.

1. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant takes on administrative duties like answering phones, setting up meetings, coordinating travel, and any other secretary duty an executive may need help with.

An administrative assistant needs good oral and written communication skills to communicate with customers as well as organizational skills. Many businesses need administrative assistants to help with the day-to-day tasks within an office.

2. Technical Writer

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Technical writers are responsible for writing complex technical content in a way that’s easy for others to understand. They may write manuals, project plans, online help pages, design specifications, or other types of content.

A technical writer must have good written communication skills and they must be comfortable with deadlines. If you enjoy research and simplifying complex matters, you may enjoy being a technical writer.

3. Software Consultant

A software consultant works on improving or creating software programs. They work with clients to find what new software is needed or what existing software needs to be improved.

Once a decision is made on what will work best for a particular client, the software consultant then works directly with a team of developers to create or improve the software. Teamwork, communication skills, and technical skills are important skills for software consultants.

4. General Manager

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A general manager leads a business in day-to-day operations. They may oversee employees, record daily income and deposits, and create weekly schedules for employees.

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They ensure that a store or restaurant runs smoothly and that all tasks are completed on time. A general manager needs good leadership skills, oral and written communication skills, and superior customer service skills.

5. Auditor

An auditor prepares and examines financial records for an organization. They make sure that all records are accurate and that all taxes are paid on time.

An auditor must have superior problem-solving and math skills and be detail-oriented. They must also be comfortable with high pressure and deadlines. As you can see, a general studies degree can open many different paths for graduates to try in different fields and industries.

General Studies Careers & Salaries

General Studies Careers & Salaries

Due to the diverse nature of general studies, there are a variety of career paths that graduates can pursue. When entering the workforce, it’s important to know what jobs can you get with a general studies degree.

From business and sales to communications, we have put together a list of 40 general studies careers and their salaries that you may be interested in after earning your general studies degree. The information below shows the annual median salary of each of the career ideas based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Careers Annual Median Salaries
Marketing Directors – Finance and Insurance $151,870
Marketing Managers $135,030
Sales Directors – Manufacturing $131,340
Sales Managers $127,490
Advertising Managers $127,150
Public Relations (PR) Managers $119,860
Administrative Services Managers $99,290
General and Operations Managers $97,970
Project Management Specialists $94,500
Telemarketer Supervisors $79,680
Technical Writers $78,060
Auditors $77,250
Business Operations Specialists, All Other $74,670
Youth Program Directors $74,000
Writers $69,510
Media Relations Specialists – Advertising $69,170
Publicists – Government $67,270
Department Store Managers $66,050
Market Research Analysts $63,920
Copy Editors $63,350
Public Relations (PR) Specialists $62,800
Social Workers $61,190
Clerical Supervisors $60,590
Interior Designers $60,340
Parole Officers $60,250
Lodging Managers $59,430
Advertising Account Executives – Television Broadcasting $56,810
Law Clerks $56,230
Computer Support Specialists $55,510
Advertising Agents $52,340
Chefs $50,160
Stage Technicians $49,900
Insurance Agents $49,840
Computer Support Specialists $49,770
Reporters $48,370
Radio Time Salespersons $47,410
Editorial Assistants $43,940
Administrative Assistants $39,680
Assistant Store Managers $39,230
Case Worker Aides $37,610

According to the BLS, jobs in media and communication are expected to grow 14%  over the next 10 years. Additionally, business and financial occupations are projected to have an 8% increase in the same timeframe. This is great news for graduates of a general studies program and useful information that can be used to create a degree program that has the potential for a long-term, well-paying career.

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With the diversity of careers with a general studies degree also comes a wide range of median annual salaries, as you can see above.  While most general studies graduates begin their careers in entry-level positions, it is possible to work your way up through the ranks to earn top-level pay in executive or upper-management jobs. Please keep in mind that some employers may require a bachelor’s level degree.

What Is a General Studies Degree?

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A general studies degree is a versatile educational program that allows the student to have a large say in the direction of their studies. Throughout the course of your program, you will be able to custom-tailor your degree so that it matches your interests. By doing this, you will obtain a broad foundation of skills that can be applied to a number of different careers.

Colleges typically offer online general studies degrees at a certificate, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree level. If you are interested in continuing to further your education with a graduate degree program, you will then have to choose a specialized concentration.

When choosing the courses that you want to take during your general studies degree program, you will be able to pick from a variety of academic disciplines that include:

  • Business
  • Composition and Literature
  • Computers and Information Systems
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology

With advancements in technology and the evolving trends of the student body, many top colleges are now offering high-quality online degree programs in the field of general studies. By taking advantage of this flexible degree option, it is now easier than ever to log in and complete your courses on a schedule that fits into your busy life.

What is a General Studies Degree Good for?

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Both a bachelor’s degree in general studies and associates in general studies can help with finding a job in several varying industries.

A general studies program gives students a well-rounded education and knowledge needed for careers in business, information technology, public health, and other fields. This degree can help graduates seek many different entry-level positions that can help lead to higher-paying positions.

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They can also seek more experience through internships that will help them compete against other degree-holders in a field. Courses and experience gained can help a graduate pursue further studies in a field or move up into higher positions.

How Much Can You Make with a General Studies Degree?

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How much you can make with a general studies degree depends on the job and industry and can vary. An administrative assistant may earn $39,680 a year, according to data from the BLS. Meanwhile, an auditing clerk may make $45,560 a year.

A mediator may potentially earn around $49,410 a year. A social worker may earn around $50,390 a year. Bank tellers may earn around $36,310 a year. The many careers graduates may find have varying salaries. Some jobs like social work may require further education and experience.

What Are Some of the High Paying Jobs with a General Studies Degree?

There are many options for higher-paying general studies jobs that a you may be interested in. According to the BLS, technical writers may earn around $78,060 a year.

Human resource specialists can earn around $62,290 and public relations specialists can make around $62,800 a year. Computer programmers may earn around $93,000 a year. Sales managers can possibly earn around $127,490 a year. Some of the highest paying jobs with general studies degree require more experience or education in the field.

What Do You Learn in General Studies?

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A general studies degree program can offer a well-rounded curriculum for students to gain major skills needed in the workforce. You will likely learn how to understand discourse and context, teamwork skills, and how to apply knowledge to different situations.

Depending on your interest, you may also learn about major subjects in humanities and arts and other fields needed for jobs. You can choose to focus on a specific area like arts or business studies and take different courses based on your interests. Different students may have very different general studies programs.

What’s the Difference Between a Liberal Arts vs. General Studies Degree?

While a general studies degree and liberal arts degree are very similar and often seen as the same thing, there are a few differences.

General Studies Degree Liberal Arts Degree
  • Wide range of courses in math, humanities, science, business, and more.
  • Students may choose to focus on a specific field based on their interests.
  • Possible careers: administrative assistant, general manager, computer support specialist.
  • Courses range from economics to philosophy, sociology, and creative arts.
  • Students learn to think critically and the skills needed to learn any subject.
  • Possible careers: graphic designer, editor or writer, historian.

Both degrees can give you a wide variety of skills and experiences to help you pursue a variety of different careers.

Is a Degree in General Studies Worth It?

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Yes, a degree in general studies is worth it for many students. This is a degree that gives students an opportunity to work towards a career even if they aren’t quite sure what career they want yet. It can help develop skills that are needed in many career fields. It can help teach important skills like teamwork and communication skills as well as skills in math, science, literature, and technology.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of these jobs are seeing an average growth rate. For example, human resource specialists are seeing a growth rate of about 10%, which is about average.

Getting Your General Studies Degree Online

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A general studies degree may be a good option for those who are struggling to choose a career path and want to learn different things.

This program can help give you skills for many different jobs that require skills in communication and teamwork. It can help in finding your passion while getting a well-rounded education. A graduate of this program may be able to pursue careers in many different industries. They may be qualified to become administrative assistants, general managers, auditors, or many other jobs.

If you think a general studies degree may be a good fit for you, start looking at accredited universities today.

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