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If you are looking for a way to combine your technological skills with a passion for science and research, then a degree in Computer Science is an excellent first step to a lucrative, challenging career!

Computer Science Careers

Throughout the course of your degree program, you will take classes that focus on the scientific aspects of computation to learn the essential skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. Students that graduate with a Computer Science degree can find employment in a wide range of professional settings.

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Whether they work for major corporations, governmental agencies, or as a researcher or developer, there is a number of exciting career ideas within this growing field. To give you a better understanding of the many different career options available in the field of Computer Science, we have put together a list of 40 top careers and their respective median annual salaries:

Careers Annual Median Salary
Principal Software Engineer $128,153
Senior Software Development Engineer (SDE) $124,285
Software Development Engineer (SDE) $123,901
Senior Software Architect $122,976
Software Architect $118,508
Senior Software Engineer $116,227
Software Architect, Applications $114,782
Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE) $109,606
Research & Development Engineer, Computer Software $107,479
Senior Systems Engineer $100,695
Information Technology (IT) Director $98,553
Senior Application Developer $95,018
Software Engineer $94,241
Associate Software Engineer $91,873
Project Manager, Software Development $89,763
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) $89,164
Business Intelligence (BI) Developer $88,758
Senior Web Developer $86,116
Information Technology (IT) Consultant $85,267
Senior Systems Analyst $84,811
Java Developer $83,967
Software Developer $82,196
Application Developer $80,218
Information Technology (IT) Manager $79,625
Database Administrator (DBA) $78,886
.NET Software Developer/Programmer $78,512
Systems Engineer, IT $78,437
Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst $77,768
Network Engineer $76,708
Business Systems Analyst $76,448
Business Analyst, IT $76,397
Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer $74,483
Junior Software Engineer $73,022
Programmer Analyst $71,031
Systems Analyst $70,404
Computer Programmer $70,187
Data Analyst $68,584
Web Developer $66,729
Network Administrator $60,945
Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist $51,602

*Data sourced through Payscale.com

What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

Much like with counseling careers and careers in communications, when it comes to Computer Science degrees, there are many career paths that graduates can choose from in the professional workforce.

With a greater focus on the scientific aspects of technology, those who have earned this degree are able to take on specialized roles within a variety of industries. As you can see from the information above, those who work in the field of Computer Science have the potential to work their way up to high-level management positions.

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These opportunities also have the added bonus of average annual salaries that are well over six-figures!  While most graduates start their careers in entry-level computer science positions, the great potential for advancement within the field is excellent news for those with sought-after computer science skills.

What Is a Computer Science Degree?

Computer Programmer working on a new project

A Computer Science degree program gives students an opportunity to delve into the theory behind computer programs and technological applications. Instead of simply learning “how” these systems work, you will be taught to understand the “why” behind advancements in technology.

This degree is an excellent choice for those with a scientific mind that have aspirations to help businesses grow and evolve along with the changing technology of society. There are several Computer Technology degree programs available from top universities around the country – from associate’s degrees up through graduate programs.

Throughout your course of study, you will take several advanced technology courses that may cover the following topics:

  • Data structures and analysis
  • Computer systems and architecture
  • In-depth training in a variety of software applications
  • Networking
  • Software engineering, analysis, and design

Once you have successfully earned your Computer Science degree, you will have the opportunity to take on professional roles within the technology department of businesses across several industries.

If you are a busy adult student that needs flexibility in your college course schedule, then you may want to consider the programs offering online computer science degrees that many universities now offer. These accredited programs provide a quality education for students that are working towards their degree while balancing professional careers and family obligations.

Computer Science Career Outlook

Web Developer working in his office

Degrees in technology, such as Computer Science, typically have positive occupational outlooks due to the increasing demand for skilled technology professionals.

With this in mind, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that software developers will experience a job growth of 11% by 2029, and web developers will see a 8% increase in this same timeframe. These numbers are well above the national average across all occupations and excellent news for those who are interested in starting a career within the field of Computer Science!

If you are interested in enrolling in a Computer Science degree program, the future is looking bright when it comes to your career potential! With the constantly changing technology, development of mobile applications, and an increasingly competitive business environment, organizations are always on the lookout for computer science professionals that can help them improve the efficiency of their computer systems and networking.

For those with a degree in Computer Science, the sky is the limit for working your way towards a lucrative, challenging career!

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