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Are you juggling classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and a social life? Are you wondering how you’re going to fit in ACT or SAT test preparation? You’re in luck. There’s nothing easier than downloading an app to do a little test prep on your smartphone or tablet.

ACT and SAT Prep Apps

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Here are some of the more popular choices for SAT and ACT test preparation:

1. SAT Remix

Available for: cell phones (and not just smartphones)
Cost: starting at $24.99 for three months
This vocabulary prep program uses vocabulary lessons set to music. Through this “Alpha learning,” students are taught more than 300 of the most-missed words on the SAT.

2. ACT Prep for Dummies

Available for: iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®
Cost: In app purchases from $4.99 to $14.99
Download from: Apple app store
Features include more than 950 practice questions covering reading, writing, and math skills, full-length practice tests, and test-taking tips.

3. Watermelon Express SAT Connect

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Available for: iPhone® and iPad®
Cost: $9.99 for iPhone® and $14.99 for iPad®
Download from: iTunes (iPhone applications store)
Billing itself as the “world’s first and only cross-platform SAT test prep tool,” this application is also available for computers. The content includes five mini tests, 650 practice questions with solutions, and 500 pages of review materials and test-taking tips.

4. To Go

Available for: iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and iPad®
Cost: FREE trial, and then plans start at $34.99 a month
Download from: iTunes (iPhone applications store)
This app provides access to live tutors that can help students prepare for the SAT or ACT by answering their questions via a digital blackboard.

5. ACTStudent

Available for: iPhone® and iPod Touch®
Cost: FREE
Download from: iTunes (iPhone applications store)
Created by the ACT, this application helps students prepare with practice items, scores, and feedback about their answers. A link to the ACT’s mobile site offers answers to FAQs about the test.

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6. SAT Score Quest™ by The Princeton Review

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Available for: iPad®
Cost: FREE
Download from: iTunes (iPhone applications store)
Using ShowMe technology, this app provides explanations to sample question solutions from a Princeton Review tutor. This application also includes 45 extra questions with a score report, 15 Core Concept lessons, voice recordings, and more.

7. Kaplan SAT Flashcubes

Available for: iPhone® and iPod Touch®
Cost: $4.99 (FREE for ACT QuizBank)
Download from: iTunes (iPhone applications store)
This on-the-go study guide helps students prepare for the verbal section of the SAT with self-study mode, multiple-choice quizzes, custom vocabulary lists, and progress reports.

8. eTextPrep SAT and ACT Vocab Prep

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Available for: cell phones
Cost: $7.99 month
This program sends students two vocabulary words (with parts of speech and definitions) to their cell phones each day. A section on Latin and Greek roots prefixes and suffixes and a weekly word review are also included.

Fortunately, practicing for the ACT and SAT is easier than ever. The College Board offers practice tests, daily e-mails, and even an online course. You can also practice for the ACT using eBook practice questions or online test-prep courses. How you study is up to you.

You can check for practical advice and information on SAT and ACT test preparation.

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