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Extended learning, distance education, online degree programs, or eCampus—whatever you call it, these traditionally 4 year institutions also possess online programs to help you get the bachelor’s degree that you’ve been wanting!

4 Year Online Colleges

If you are searching for an online or distance learning bachelor’s degree program, these 4 year colleges and universities have them—and they are accredited.

These colleges offer a variety of different online degrees. Some possess a larger selection than others, but that gives you an opportunity to compare the programs to find the perfect fit!

Online Bachelor’s Degrees Available

Some of the most popular degree programs include:

Of course, some of these online colleges take it a bit further and offer master’s degrees, non-credit college classes, and then some—so you can continue on with your education from the comfort of your home.

4-Year Universities Offering Online Bachelors

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Elizabeth is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Foreign Policy and earned her master's degree in business administration. For her undergraduate studies, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in international business. Elizabeth's research is focused on universities offering online degree programs.