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Special Needs Colleges

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If you are a parent of a child with autism, Down syndrome or another learning disability, you may think that your child does not have a chance of going to college, but you may be surprised. As times have changed dramatically over the years, more and more students with special needs are applying to colleges, and having successful college careers and beyond.

You may be wondering what the first step is in finding special needs colleges. If your child is in high school, the first step is talking to a guidance or college counselor who can help decide what the next move is. Depending on the level of disability, many colleges offer classes geared towards special needs, and some even offer living arrangements to help those with disabilities adjust to life on their own. There are vocational and trade schools that will help them find jobs, meet new people and live a normal life. 

There are schools and programs that are designed specifically for those with special needs, and many traditional schools offer programs and assistance for those with disabilities, so finding the right school should not be difficult. 

The process for finding special needs colleges is not all that different than finding a regular school. Potential students should ask the same types of questions, such as what they want to do after graduation, and how much money it will cost to go to school. All students should look into financial aid and scholarships, and find programs based on their lifestyle, and what kind of career they want to have after graduation. There is an excellent guide to help with this search, which you can purchased through, The College Sourcebook for Students with Learning & Developmental Differences.

With many more options than ever before, it is not out of reach for anyone to get a post secondary education. With a little research, determination and persistence, those with challenges can find college a rewarding life experience they will always look back on positively.

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