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Students Helping Students: K-State Proud Pays it Forward

Friday, May 7th, 2010

College doesn’t just mean trying out new career paths or dabbling in new hobbies – although those certainly are important!  Consider college to be a launch pad, a starting platform, that you can use to change your life, if not the world — and the forward thinking students at Kansas State University are doing just that: one student at a time.

Kansas State University students organized K-State Proud: Students Helping Students.

harris48439/Clark Harris

After My College Guide saw the Students Helping Students YouTube video, we interviewed Anna Zeiger and Reed Pankratz, two co-chairs of the K-State Proud campaign in the hopes that it will serve to inspire and motivate you – and give you an idea of what you can accomplish if you have the passion and drive.  This KSU student group has even been recognized on the floor of Congress by Representative Jerry Moran.

So — how and when did K-State Proud begin?
Anna Zeiger:
It began 4 years ago with a small group of K-State students.  They came back from a national leadership conference with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm to start an all-student campaign on campus.  Since then, students have donated over $345,000 (through K-State Proud) to give back to their fellow students.

How do students get involved in K-State Proud?
Anna Zeiger: Anyone can donate to the campaign and they don’t just have to be K-State students; we receive significant support from family, friends, alumni, and fans.  Students who want to volunteer to help work the booth in the Union during campaign week, etc. should just be on the lookout at the end of the fall/beginning of the spring semester.

As a member and co-chair of the group, what has been your most memorable moment?
Anna Zeiger:
What stood out to me the most this year was the people. We had an amazing team of leaders working on the campaign, and the sense of camaraderie that we had coming together not only as a group, but as an entire student body, was phenomenal.

Anything else we need to know?
Reed Pankratz: The K-State PROUD campaign is more than a t-shirt and more than just raising money. It is a campaign that changes the lives of people who receive awards and also those who work with the campaign. This campaign is something truly special to our campus and reflects the type of student body we have at K-State.