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The Best Online Degrees for Gamers

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Breaking into the video game development industry is tough, but by seeking out the best online degrees for gamers, you can give yourself a leg up! So what are the best online degrees for this industry? Well, the answer is: It depends.

What are the best online degrees for gamers?

What are the best online degrees for gamers?

What aspect of video gaming are you interested in? Developing a video game is a complex process requiring many different skill sets, from programming to scriptwriting. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all degree!

The Best Online Degrees For Gamers

If you want to work behind the scenes, developing the programming that is at the heart of every video game, you may want to consider degree in computer science.

A computer science degree will require you to learn all the programming languages you’ll need to succeed in video game development, plus give you a solid foundation in a variety of programming-related skills that will help you adapt as the industry changes.

You can, of course, also get a video game development degree. Many of the top schools offer them! Do your research before you decide which avenue to pursue!

The Best Online Degrees For the Creatively Inclined

Would you rather create the characters of the game and the world they inhabit? Then you have several options.

A degree in art design will enable you to get your foot in the door as a 2D artist, designing game environments, backgrounds and characters. But if you want to bring the games to life, rendering them in 3D and animating characters, you may want to consider a degree in animation, or even gaming art.

But don’t forget, every video game needs a plot, a story line, and even a script! If words are your thing, try a screenwriting or film studies degree—although even a BFA in creative writing could give you the skills you need.

Ultimately, there is no one “best online degree” for the video game industry. Make sure the program you choose has a solid foundation in liberal arts, a focus on the technical or creative skills you’ll need to succeed, and, most importantly, a curriculum that feels comfortable to you. That’s the best online degree for you!

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Why Should I Go to College or Why You Should Consider Going to School

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

If your high school graduation is looming ever so close (as are college application regular admission cut-offs), you might be asking yourself, “Why should I go to college?” If you’ve been questioning the logic of tackling four more years of schooling, we’ve got six big reasons why you might want to spend less time thinking about why you should go to to college and more time filling out college applications! And, yes, college is a big expense – but it’s an expense that will pay off many times over the course of your lifetime!

Going to college really pays off -- especially regarding your future paychecks!


Less Demands – Oh, college is demanding on your time, but at no other point in your life will you have the flexibility that you have now. Without a career, spouse, kids, and all that other possible future stuff requiring your attention, the period right after high school is the easiest time to fit it in!

Networking – It’s not just what you know: it’s who you know! Combine your college degree with all the people you will meet throughout your four years of higher education and you’ve got a huge network of people to rely on to help you open doors. The people you meet in college might be the same people who have an “in” at a company you are interested in working at.

Personal Growth – Okay so we admit this sounds slightly cheesy – but it’s true! Interacting with so many new people and ideas, different cultures and religions and mantras rubs off on you. Learning is actually fun, a fact that you may have forgotten about the past few years. Let college remind you of that little nugget of wisdom once again because there is a difference between high school and college!!

Employers – There’s a reason why many employers require a college degree: it shows that you know how to start something, work at it, and see it through to the end. In this competitive job market, it’s one more thing that sets you apart from other, non-degree holding applications, which can give you a big step up – and hopefully net you the job! Not only that, but if you’ve got one of the most employable majors, well, that can definitely help, too.

Unfortunately, life doesn't come with instructions for growth -- but college is a great first step!

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Money – Sure, college costs money. Sometimes, college costs a lot of money: but have heart. You’ll make more money over your lifetime if you have a college diploma than those who don’t. The simple fact is that degree-holders start out at a higher pay rate – which can really pay off over time!

Fun – From the people you meet to the extracurricular activities you can become involved in, college is just plain fun! The addition of unusual college classes doesn’t hurt anything, either.

If we’ve left you saying, “I want to go college,” but now you’re wondering, “Where should I go to college?” Well, we can help you figure out the answer to that one, too. You’ll have to keep on the lookout – we wouldn’t want to keep you hanging! My College Guide is here to help you find the college that fits!