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Foursquare Makes The College Leap

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
Courtesy of Mari Sheibley

Courtesy of Mari Sheibley

Colleges are evolving to keep up with current technology: they are using Facebook and Twitter, even YouTube, in an effort to keep your attention!  The new kid on the block, Foursquare, has been picked up by the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Columbia University, and Harvard University as a fun new way to keep college students involved.

Foursquare is the latest social networking application.  The twist?  It’s location based.  Foursquaresters gain points by checking in at their current location, discovering new places, sharing tips and then some, earning badges and maybe a shot at “mayor.”  Mayors can receive sweet discounts at the participating places where they reign supreme.

How are colleges using this to their advantage?  UNC Charlotte was the first university in the country to take advantage of Foursquare’s usability, offering promotions and dining info across campus.  Columbia University offers a discount through the on-campus movie theater and Harvard University was the first to create a special badge just for frequent Harvard visitors.

Think about it: new students can easily find campus hot spots and potentially save a couple bucks as well (if they happen to be “mayor,” that is).  Instantly see where your friends are – maybe cut down on the texting a bit?  We’re only kidding.

Just the same, we’re excited by the awesome potential here for colleges and universities who use Foursquare.  It could just be a match made in higher education heaven.

What do you think?  Is Foursquare another social media fad or do you think it’s the next big thing?