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Terrific Twitter List: Our Big List of Colleges Who Tweet Part 5

Friday, April 2nd, 2010
We know.  We're excited too! You know our obsession with Twitter – and possibly even share in it!  Can you believe we are at Part 5 of our Big Twitter list already – and have over 200 different colleges listed?  Now — we’ve gone even bigger and added 75 more colleges and universities.  You can thank us later…after you’ve found, followed, and chatted up your faves!

As always, feel free to add any school that we’ve missed!  Seriously, we mean any: trade schools or beauty schools, four years or two – drop a link to their Twitter account below.  Happy Tweeting!
American University Oregon State University
Arcadia University Pratt Institute
California Institute of the Arts Presbyterian College
Carlow University Robert Morris University
Charter Oak State College Roosevelt University
Coker College Rutgers University
College of Charleston Sacred Heart University
Colorado State University St. Joseph’s College New York
Concordia University St Paul Saint Mary’s College of California
Daemen College Salem College
Dickinson College Shepherd University
Fitchburg State College State University of New York Old Westbury
Flagler College Stetson University
Georgia State University Sweet Briar College
Grand Valley State University Texas State University
Gustavus Adolphus College Thiel College
Hollins University Toccoa Falls College
Houghton College Trine University
Illinois Institute of Technology Union University
Illinois Wesleyan University University at Albany
Indiana University East University of Central Florida
Indiana University Northwest University of Colorado at Boulder
John Brown University University of Dallas
Lees McRae College University of Glamorgan
Lindsay Wilson College University of Iowa
Lower Columbia College University of Mary Washington
Marshall University University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mercer University University of Minnesota
Mississippi State University University of Northern Colorado
New College of Florida University of Richmond
New Mexico State University University of Scranton
Nichols College University of South Carolina
Northwestern Oklahoma State University US Coast Guard Academy
Northwestern University Viterbo University
Northwood University Washington University St Louis
Oklahoma City University Wentworth Institute of Technology
Old Dominion University Western Michigan University
West Point

Second Life and Higher Education: Endless Possibility

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Second Life is a fun way for colleges to engage, connect, and keep costs down – and that’s good news for everyone!  It’s no wonder that it is quickly becoming the go-to platform for colleges to reach out to the higher ed community.

The Sistine Chapel recreated on Vassar College's Second Life Island

Gary Hayes/Gary Hayes

From interacting with the world or just a select few, Second Life lets colleges choose who has access to what, which makes seminars and classes possible — and stops griefers (a term to describe attention-seeking, and unwelcome, SL users).

Colleges are incorporating elements of campus life into Second Life. The University of Kentucky isn’t the only college to embrace the possibilities of Second Life.  For example, The University of North Carolina Pembroke has over 50 different Second Life locations that range from a wheat field to an art gallery in addition to the usual computer labs and classrooms.

The University of California Irvine has created a virtual library on Anteater Island, which faculty and students have integrated into University of California Irvine college classes, like Reasoning and Modeling with Graphical Models and Computer Games as Art, Culture and Technology.

Sometimes higher education takes Second Life construction beyond anything you would find on campus!  You can view the beauty of the Sistine Chapel without ever leaving home – if you head to the Sistine Chapel on Vassar Island.  Indiana University, and the IU-based Synthetic Worlds Initiative, has created a slew of virtual reality worlds, from Shakespearean Arden and the Victorian-era LondownTown, to Greenland, which investigates trade and diplomacy in the Stone Age, and United Islands, a more modern look at government.

Unusual or everyday, the main point of higher education on Second Life is to enhance learning.  As the University of Oregon (and its partners) know, learning languages can be rough, especially with a tonal language like Chinese.  So – they created MyChina Life, a Second Life world to help students study the Chinese language by actually interacting with Chinese speakers!

North Carolina State University Second Life Campus


Second Life is becoming almost indispensable to Health related industries.  In a very real, as it happens kind of way, the platform provides a way to test trainees on reaction and knowledge.  The University of Kansas Medical Center’s uses Second Life simulations for its Nurse Anesthesia Education Program.

The University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health created a program to test public health officials at their ability to handle various disasters (think small pox or anthrax).  Idaho State University uses SL for its bioterrorism awareness and preparedness program – testing response reactions to man-made or nature related crises.

Want more?  The University of Texas purchased over 50 Second Life regions in 2009 for a campus-wide (and beyond) level of learning and sharing – and to help the university “go green.”  Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Buena Vista University, and Montana State University’s Creative Research Lab are a handful of other colleges that have become a part of Second Life!  The State University of New York doesn’t have a campus wide presence just yet – but they do have plenty of sub-groups!

Colleges and universities are interested in spreading knowledge too – and host virtual events!  Drexel University recently hosted the virtual symposium Education for EveryoneEmerson College provided a place on its island for the Floating 6 Event to take place, an event that encourages discussion regarding art and video games.

There are many ways that colleges and universities are using Second Life – it’s unbelievable!  These are just a few examples – know of any others?  Share your observations in the comments section below.

An iPad App to Make You Smile…or Doodle

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

What makes My College Guide happy?  Previews for what look to be a totally useable and completely awesome app for the soon to be released Apple iPad that will be just perfect for college life !  Have you met PadNotes?

After reading about the possibilities of this exciting iPad application recently mentioned on Fast Companywe just had to pass it along!  With the PadNotes app, you can doodle or write (and then some) on any PDF document!  Sounds like fun, don’t you think?  As you might recall, Apple’s sleek new tablet is due out in stores on April 3, 2010.  Don’t forgetMy College Guide is giving you a chance to win an iPad of your very own!  You can’t win if you don’t enter!  Now, check out this video and prepare to be amazed!

Virtual World Meet Dentistry?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


Ever heard of Second LifeThe University of Kentucky College of Dentistry is on it — and, no, they aren’t racing around, giving Second Life avatars a dental check-up!  Instead, tech savvy UK faculty and students teamed up with Texas A&M University’s Baylor College of Dentistry for the Dental Grand Rounds, the first educational Dentistry seminar using Second Life.

After purchasing their own island in Second Life back in 2007, the University of Kentucky got to work  building out a virtual UK campus and scheduling events like “Primcutter: An Exhibition of Work.” new student events, even an interview combining real life and Second Life with anthropologist and author Tom Boellstorff – well, UK definitely seems on top of it!

My College Guide wanted to learn more — so we got in touch with the University of Kentucky’s Sandra Challman, the Manager of Information Technology and Dr Mark Thomas, Department of Oral Health Practice Chair and Division of Periodontology Chief to ask, “Why Second Life?  Why not use a more traditional approach?”

Dr. Mark Thomas pointed out the more unique features of Second Life, “There is a sense of actually being there…in the form of your avatar (this so-called ‘physicality” mimics, to some extent, the real life situation).  It facilitates interactions in ways that can be defined by the users (e.g. in our example, faculty communicated with voice via headsets, while residents/students used keyboards; this resulted in a more orderly and structured discussion.”

“We have a virtual “space” where we can set up and make educational resources available to students and others.  All of this can be done from home (as was demonstrated at our Grand Rounds, as a severe snowstorm in Texas prevented some students from coming to school, but they were able to participate on computers from home).”



Ms. Challman shared that “use of the technology matches many dentistry teaching methodologies including peer learning, patient simulation and patient cased-based teaching.” It makes sense – and with college students having access to this technology now…well, it could only help them grow and adapt to technological changes in the years to come!

Bonus: Ms. Challman revealed that there are “several pilot ideas in the works, both in courses in our College and a few with other Dental Schools.”  Sounds like UK students will have a lot of interesting – and fun — new options to choose from in the near future!

Second Life is used by many colleges and universities in a variety of ways – and next week we plan to tell you all about it!  Subscribe to My College Guide via RSS or email so you don’t miss a minute of our college goodness!

Apple iPad: it’s ALL the Rage — Even in Higher Ed!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Sleek 'n Shiny: the Apple iPad! If you think your high school textbooks are heavy now…just wait until college!  But, if Apple has its way, the sleek 1.5 lb Apple iPad tablet could end up changing the way you learn at college…and possibly save you a few bucks (and your back) in the process.

How?  With eBook capability built right into the multi- touch-sensitive device (and their own iBookstore)!  Almost 150,000 iPhone applications will cross-over from Day One – so you can use your favorite iPhone apps to help fill out your college applications or take a break with a little Plants vs. Zombies, without having to wait!

No drab gray here, the iPad is all about color – and interaction!  Touch highlighted words (like vocab or concepts) for more information.  Create bookmarks to pick up where you left off, browse a touch activated slideshow, and flip through images, charts, or diagrams.  Surf the web or watch an awesome college video lectureThink of the possibility!

Pick a social media network and chances are somebody, somewhere is talking about it – what they heard, what they read, what they hope to see — and who can blame them?  Even colleges share in the iPad enthusiasm!  The Abilene Christian University student newspaper, The Optimist, is the first college newspaper to declare their intention to be on the iPad –  or, at least, it will be when the Apple iPad (finally!) hits stores April 3, 2010.

Don’t forget about George Fox University!  GFU is offering incoming students a choice between a computer (as they have done for the past 20 years) or the new iPad tablet.  Great idea for GFU’s computer possessing freshmen – or for those planning to purchase eBook textbooks down the line – and hoping to save big in place of hefty college texts.

The 429978333803sleekness of the iPad tablet dazzled My College Guide so much…well, what could we do?  Offer up a chance to win an Apple iPad of your very own, of course!  Request college information and you will be automatically entered to win the sleek and shiny Apple iPad (it isn’t like you don’t need college information)!  The contest will end on June 1, 2010.

Had Enough Yet? The Big List Part 4: Colleges and Universities Who Twitter

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Don't Forget to Follow My College Guide on Twitter!Private universities or public colleges, trade schools or community colleges – we are all about education We love to bring you the latest news about everything higher ed – from college blogs to Facebook Groups, we’re on it!  We know that your college-bound life just wouldn’t be complete without Part 4 of our Big Twitter List: 50 More Colleges and Universities who Twitter!

Colleges and universities are tweeting about the things you care about: campus events, the college admissions process, student issues, college scholarships, even new classes and majors.  Sure, some are more willing to engage directly with you than others – but what a great way to stay up on all the current happenings at your favorite colleges and universities!   There’s a lot to choose from – so make it easy!  Follow My College Guide’s List of Colleges Who Twitter.

Did we miss your favorite college or university? Two years or four – we love them all! Feel free to add your colleges of choice to the comments section for inclusion in our next Big List edition!

Alfred State College Loyola University Chicago
Arizona State University Michigan State University
Augsburg College Middlebury College
Aurora University Milwaukee School of Engineering
Baylor University Ohio State
Bowling Green State University Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City
Bryant University Ottawa University
Butler County Community College Remington College
Cal State San Bernardino Rhode Island School of Design
Colby College Saint Michael’s College
College of DuPage School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Coppin State University Southern Polytechnic State University
Dekalb Technical College Stony Brook University
Delaware College of Art and Design State University of New York
Emmanuel College State University of New York Cobleskill
Empire Beauty School Tacoma Community College
Essex County College Texas Tech University
Evergreen State College Trocaire College
George Washington University Tufts University
Harrington College of Design Unity College
Indiana Tech University of Delaware
Indiana University Purdue University University of Denver
Judson College University of Notre Dame
Kansas State University Western Governors University
Lake Superior College Duluth Western Illinois University

15 Google Chrome Extensions to Make Your College Bound Heart Sing!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Google Chrome: sleek, fast, and easy on the eyes, the Google Chrome browser is perfect for the Google lover — and the perfect tool for the college bound!  While it may lack the pizzazz of the Firefox Browser (download themes to perk it up), it’s definitely minimalism at its best.  Simplify and work smarter with our sweet list of must-have Google Chrome Extensions for college — and beyond!


Smooth Gestures —  Using arrows to flip from page to page?  Slow. Using only your mouse?  Fast – and fun!  Pictures display your customization so quit  playing the guessing game.  Brilliant!

StayFocusd – Compulsive Facebook checker?  We’ve all been there.  When self-control runs thin, turn to StayFocusd to back you up…or at least lock you out of your favorite time-draining sites!

Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark – Ever bookmark something for a specific reason and then have no idea why (or is that just me?).  Highlight the important stuff so you can easily come back and find it.  Bonus: add sticky notes to leave yourself reminders for next time!

Tab JumpNo muss, no fuss! There are a few tab extensions out there, but Tab Jump enables you to instantly see your open tabs.  It’s subdivided tabs sort recently used and most used making it easy to, um, jump to whatever tab you need!

ChromeMilk — Love Remember the Milk? Access (and add to) your to-do list from the Google Chrome toolbar itself.  While it might be a work in progress, for RTM lovers – it’s just awesome.

W.O.T. Some extensions are good no matter what browser they are on.  Enter: Web of Trust.  Internet addict?  Then you, my friend, must install this Chrome extension.  See what sites can be trusted – and what sites you need to avoid like the plague!

Shareaholic for Google Chrome – Use your time online wisely, you know, share stuff!  Instead of jumping from page to page, make it easy on yourself, and get Shareaholic installed!

RemindMe: Set up multiple reminders on a sparkling clean interface – organize or delete as needed.  Oh, and the alarm?  It’s almost musical but will still make you jump out of your seat the first time you use it.

Google Dictionary – There are all sorts of complicated words out there just waiting to trip you up.  Highlight and right click the mystery word and select the dictionary option.  How easy is that?

Download – Download a lot?  This one’s for you!  Eliminate the extra “click” – this handy button makes it easy to get into your downloads and find what you need right from the Chrome Browser.


UnDoIt – Did you just close that tab you needed?  D’oh!  Reclaim that accidental closed page with the click of a button…instead of digging around in your history looking for the one without any extras.

Ad BlockFirefox’s AdBlock Plus – for Google Chrome!  It blocks ads, period. Is there actually anyone who pays attention to those pesky pop-ups anyway?  We think not.

Google Similar PagesMake it easy on yourself. Discover Google’s idea of related pages with the click of a button.  Beta or not, it’s a promising work in progress.

Copy without Formatting – Floating button = fun in our book, but if you find it distracting, you can get rid of it.

Handy Google Shortcuts – Google Chrome user?  Chances are you’re using other Google products.  Keep Google shortcuts to Google Buzz, Gmail, Wave – 40 buttons of non-stop Google fun!

Okay, so, what did we miss?  Are there any “can’t live without” Google Chrome Extensions that we missed?  Let the world know in the comments section below.

101 College Blogs to Put You in the College Mood

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010


WordPress, Blogger, TypePad…there’s all sorts of blogging platforms – and higher education is using them!  College blogs are a fun way to learn about college life.  Straight from the colleges themselves, (though not necessarily a reflection of that school’s opinions) you’ll discover fun campus superstitions, big events and celebrations, exciting classes, or even new majors.

Follow along with the life of a college student or read what college admissions has to say.  Some may be more descriptive than others, but they all possess value: a peek at the inner workings of colleges and universities.  It’s a great way to stay on top of college life – and aid you in your college decision-making process!

Did we miss your favorite college blog? Oops! As always, feel free to add it to the comments section below.  While you’re at it – don’t forget to get My College Guide Blog updates free via RSS or Email.

1. Amarillo College 34. Harrington College of Design 68. Rasmussen College
2. Amherst College 35. Hartwick College 69. Rhode Island School of Design
3. Appalachian State University 36. Haverford College 70. Roger Williams University
4. Arcadia University 37. Hudson Valley Community College 71. Saint Anselm College
5. Ball State University 38. Illinois State University 72. Saint Joseph’s College
6. Baruch College 39. Indiana Tech 73. Saint Michael’s College
7. Bates College 40. Indiana University Bloomington 74. Smith College
8. Belhaven University 41. Ithaca College 75. Southern New Hampshire University
9. Berkeley College 42. Johns Hopkins University 76. St. Mary’s College of Maryland
10. Bethany College 43. Kansas State University 77. Suffolk University
11. Boston College 44. Kent State University 78. Swarthmore College
12. Bowie State University 45. Keystone College 79. Trine University
13. Bowling Green State University 46. Lake Superior College 80. Union University
14. Bryn Mawr College 47. Lawrence University 81. Unity College
15. Butler University 48. Linfield College 82. University of California Davis
16. Carnegie Mellon 49. Louisiana College 83. University of Central Florida
17. Catawba College 50. Michigan State University 84. University of Delaware
18. Clover Park Technical College 51.Middlebury College 85. University of Idaho
19. Coker College 52. Milwaukee School of Engineering 86. University of Indianapolis
20. Colby College 53. Montana State University 87. University of Missouri
21. Colorado College 54. Montclair State University 88. University of San Francisco
22. Colorado State University 55. Mountain State University 89. University of Tennessee Knoxville
23. Cornell University 56. Mount Holyoke College 90. University of Virginia
24. Edmonds Community College 57. Newman University 91. Utah State University
25. Elmira College 58. North Carolina State University 92. Vassar College
26. Evergreen State College 59. North Central College 93. Virginia Tech
27. Ferris State University 60. Northwestern University – Fiedler Hillel 94. Washington College
28. Florida State University 61. Northwood University 95. Washington State University
29. Fort Valley State University 62. Oklahoma State University 96. Wellesley College
30. Goucher College 63. Oregon State University 97. Wentworth Institute of Technology
31. Gustavus Adolphus College 64. Pierce College 98. Wilson College
32. Hampshire College 65. Portland State University 99. Wisconsin Lutheran College
33. Hanover College 66. Providence College 100. Wichita State University
67. Randolph College 101. Wofford College

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The Big List Part Three: 50 More Colleges and Universities Who Twitter

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Even with all the Google Buzz to-do, Twitter seems to be hanging in there just fine, thank you very much.  To celebrate, we bring you the ever-anticipated Twitter list: 50 MORE Colleges and Universities who Twitter!

Click on the name of your favorite college or university to land directly on their Twitter page!  Can’t decide?  Follow them all using My College Guide’s Complete List of Colleges Who Tweet right on Twitter.  It doesn’t get any easier!

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Big List to find your favorite tweeting colleges and universities!  Feel free to retweet our list to your followers – and add anyone we may have missed to the comments section below — to be included in Part 4!

Agnes Scott College Oklahoma City Community College
Butler University Pacific Lutheran University
Canisius College Park University
Colorado College Rockhurst University
Columbus State University Roger Williams University
Delaware Tech Terry Seattle University
Delta College St Mary’s University
Ferris State St Norbert College
Florida International University Texas Christian University
Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College/R.A. Meyers Library Trinity University
Henderson Community College Utah State University
Kalamazoo College University of Alabama
Linfield College University of Alaska Southeast
Maryville College University of Arizona
Millsaps College University of California Irvine
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities University of Chicago
Montana State University University of Florida
Morehead State University University of Hawaii Manoa
New School University of Missouri Columbia
Northampton Community College University of Missouri Kansas City
North Carolina State University University of Oklahoma
North Central College University of Texas-Pan America
North Dakota State University University of Wisconsin Madison
Ocean County College Wichita State University
Ohio Northern University Wisconsin Tech College

Going away to College? Google Buzz Could Keep You Connected

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

clintonjeff/Clinton Jeff

College life: the studying, the papers, the finals (eek!),  make it tough to find the time to keep up with old friends (let alone new ones!) across the oh-so many social networks.  Even before you ever get to college, those campus visits, financial aid forms, and college applications are enough to keep you busy!

Google Buzz, very recently unveiled by Google (we’re talking February 9, 2010),  wants to be your one stop shop: upload your photos, videos, and your status all from one place.  We’ve all got friends who use Facebook or MySpace but don’t Twitter, who favor Flickr over Photobucket  – and vice versa.  Instead of signing into all these separate social accounts Google Buzz aims to replace them all, so you have one place to keep track of everything – and that’s the big difference.

Instead of logging in to a bunch of different sites, you simply log in to your Gmail account, hit up Google Buzz, and tweet, upload, and comment away – after carefully setting privacy settings, of course.  When a friend responds, instant update alerts are sent straight to your inbox, where all of your Gmail contacts have been automatically imported.  You can spend less time finding “friends” and more time hitting the books!  While many social networking sites connect: Facebook doesn’t.

You’ve probably seen your Facebook friends grumbling over recent layout changes, but — do you really think they’d ditch their FarmVille or Mafia Wars gaming apps for Google Buzz (especially with rumors of Facebook email in the future)?  Facebook was made for college students by college students.

We’ve played around with it and, oh yeah — it’s fun!  But, then again, new toys are always fun.  We’ll see if it actually sticks.  Google Buzz might have potential: it’s all in one place (even on the iPhone and Android) with a familiar layout (um, hello Facebook!).  But, after the failure of Google Wavewe’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think?  Does Google Buzz have everything you need in order  to keep in touch when you head off to college?  Does it entice you to make the Gmail switch (if you haven’t already)?