Lawrence University’s Crown Jewel: Bjorklunden

Some colleges can point to a strong liberal arts background. Others can mention inclusion on the Colleges that Change Lives list. Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin can do both — and they’ve got one more unusual feature: Bjorklunden. Referred to as the Northern Campus, Bjorklunden is part of what makes Lawrence University so unique. What is Bjorklunden? For starters, it’s an amazing student resource.

Bjorklundlen Image Courtesy of Lawrence University

Courtesy of Lawrence University

Special thanks to Ken Anselment, the director of admissions at Lawrence University, for taking time out a busy season to share Bjorklunden with us!

Okay, so, what is Bjorklunden?
A beautiful lodge nestled in 425 wooded Door County, Wisconsin, acres with more than a mile of Lake Michigan shoreline. A resort community? Almost.

It’s Bjorklunden Vid Sjon (Norwegian for the “birch forest by the water.”) The lodge sleeps about 100, and is decked out with a mudroom and wet lab, seminar rooms, observation decks (for telescopic views of the crystal clear skies of Door County), and music rooms, including a performance hall.

Bjorklunden doesn’t just sit there and look pretty? Students can actually have classes here?
About three-quarters of our students head up here at least once a year for French immersion programs, music recitals, cross-country practices, field research—or sometimes just to get away from it all.

Bjorklundlen Image Courtesy of Lawrence University

Courtesy of Lawrence University

What happens in the summer when students leave campus? Are there other ways that students use Bjorklunden?
Students also use Bjorklunden as a place for summer employment. Living and working in Door County, Wisconsin’s premiere summer vacation destination, is a pretty good gig.

We also use the facility throughout the summer to offer seminars to the community on topics as varied as you can imagine: “Beauty Will Save the World: Dostoevsky’s The Idiot;” “The Comic Genius of Aristophanes;” “Basic Crossword Construction;” “Angels, Bird Droppings, and Fish Liver: The Book of Tobit.”

How do you believe a Lawrence University student’s education is enriched by this unique northern campus?
Lawrence is a community of micro-communities, and a great way to see that in action is to spend a weekend at Bjorklunden, where you’ll have students from diverse backgrounds but with a common affinity—they all play bass, or they’re all biology majors, just to cite a couple of examples—have a shared residential, dining and social experience beyond the reason they’re gathering. It’s a great way to forge more connections for when they return to campus.

Bjorklundlen Image Courtesy of Lawrence University

Courtesy of Lawrence University

Anything else you would like to add that our college bound readers need to know?
Few (if any) colleges are so fortunate as to have this kind of asset available for student, faculty, staff and community use. It really is one of the crown jewels of Lawrence University.

My College Guide thinks it sounds pretty incredible, too – and what better way to get a feel for a college like Lawrence University than with the college campus visit?

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  1. Jessica says:

    I went to Bjorklunden at least once each year I was a Lawrence. Awesome. Even though there were activites planned, it was still a ‘get away’ with quiet time for reflection and a recharge. Not to be missed :)

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