4 College Scholarships Ending in September 2013

Apply for College Scholarships

Apply for College Scholarships

Looking for a way to help supplement your other ways of paying for college? My College Guide has a few right here.

This month’s batch of college scholarships might be a great fit for you! From athletes to readers, pancake-lovers to tech-lovers, you’ll find these unique scholarship options below!

College Scholarships Ending in September 2013

Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest — Read the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? Whether you loved it or hated it, you probably have something to say about it! Select one of three topics and write an essay for your chance to snag the $10,000 first prize! Unlike many other college scholarship contests, there are multiple winners in case you don’t earn the coveted first prize!

Digital Innovation Scholarship — “Write a 500 word essay describing your personal experience with internet entrepreneurship or the importance of new ideas in the digital realm,” as the website reads. Basically, they want to know your thoughts about digital information, from user experience to design. They want to know what interests you–and why! Send them your essay for a chance to get your hands on the scholarship prize.

Denny’s Hungry for Education Scholarship — High school students will want to try to win this annual $1,000 prize and then some! But there are a few unusual steps involved. In fact, you may need to get your whole school on board with this one!

CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship — Joining this student-athlete website is the first step in winning this $2,000 scholarship prize. The goal of this one is to attract the attention of college recruiters. So, create a full profile, and follow a few other steps outlined on the website to win.

Paying for College

What an assortment of fun ways to try to win a few bucks for college! We think there’s a little bit for everyone in this month’s scholarship selections.

By all means, fill out applications, write the essays, and send in videos, but don’t spend so much time applying for scholarships that you neglect your grades or other ways to pay for school!

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