How To Earn Money For College (and Still Have A Life).

McDonald's isn't the only place to earn money for college.

Think beyond the burger joint for ways to pay for college. Photo credit: The Consumerist.

So you need to earn money for college. Think the only way to do it is by putting in years of hard labor at the local McBurger restaurant? Think again.

The number of ways you can earn money to pay for college is limited only by your imagination. So before you head off to the local fast food joints and grocery stores to put in an application, put on your thinking cap instead.

Put your artistic side to work to earn money for college.

Do you have a crafty side? Think about how you can harness your talents to earn money for college. Consider making jewelry, sewing purses, crocheting hats, creating eReader cases out of old books… the possibilities are endless. Once you have a product perfected, you can open an Etsy shop, sell on your own website, or just make the rounds of the local craft shows!

Are you a shutterbug? If you have a talent for photography or videography, consider opening “studio.” You could try to get work photographing school and community events, special occasions for family and friends, or even offer senior photo sessions!

Offer a little help to earn money for college.

Think about the adults around you. Your family. Your neighbors. Your parents’ coworkers. What could they use help with? Figure out what that need is and then try to fill it!

Are you the outdoorsy type? If so, you could offer to mow lawns or shovel snow, do yard work or even chop firewood in the wintertime. You could even set up a dog walking business!

Got a soft spot for kids? Then you’re about to become everyone’s favorite teenager. If you like spending time with the pint-sized set, ask your parents to spread the word about your babysitting prowess. With average rates starting at $5 a kid, that money could add up fast!

Prefer the company of Fido? Let it be known that you’re available for pet sitting—either on a daily basis after school or for longer time periods like vacations and holidays. Add in tasks like plant watering and mail gathering and you’ve got yourself a business!

These are just a few of the ways you can earn money to pay for college. Spend a little time brainstorming and you’re sure to think of an option that sounds like fun to you! And remember, when you open a Upromise account, you can save money for college just by, well, spending money!

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