Six Blogs To Follow As You Prepare For College.

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Do you know where to find the best college info?

The first thing you’ll notice when you start looking for college information online is this—there are a whole lot of websites to weed through. Finding the good sources can be a little bit challenging!

If you’re nodding your head right now (or rubbing your aching temples), we have some good news. We’ve done the researching for you! Read on to learn about six of the top college blogs around.

College information from inside sources.

Want the best advice about getting into college? Ask a college counselor! These two blogs have the inside scoop on what it takes to make it through the college admissions process:

Get Into College BlogPenned by a professional college counselor in New York, this blog gives you tips and tricks for getting into college. Read about how to ask for college recommendation letters, how to write college essays and more.

Great College Advice—Written by educational consultants, this talented team of insiders has the scoop on everything from college essays that worked to financial aid.

College advice from your peers.

Learning from professionals is great, but to find out what getting into college is really like, you need to talk to fellow high school and college students. These two blogs are among the best:

Teen College Education—At this blog, you’ll hear from high school students, college students and professionals—but the content is written for and by teens. Learn about everything from the best way to get textbooks to the right amount of extracurricular activities.

Campus Splash—With a channel devoted exclusively to high school students, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting into college. Read about preparing for college applications, mastering the essay and more!

College information from news organizations.

If you want to be in the know about all the latest and greatest news pertaining to college, you’ve got to follow the professionals. Blogs to subscribe to include:

USA Today College—Whether you want inspiration for finding the perfect job or links to colleges making the best use of social media, USA Today has what you need—and more.

Huffpost College—Whether you’re looking for the latest news about the best paying jobs straight out of college or more light-hearted opinions about what college Harry Potter would choose, the Huffington Post should be among your go-to sources for college information.

These are just a few of the many great college blogs that abound. Is your favorite on the list? What sites would you include?

Stay tuned to hear about more of the best college blogs on the net. Subscribe today!

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