Winter at Westminster: A “Cool” Study Abroad Alternative

Like the sound of “study abroad” but aren’t sure about the whole “abroad” part of it?  My College Guide presents to you Winter at Westminster at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This has to be one of the most unusual study abroad alternatives My College Guide has seen so far — for starters, it takes full advantage of the conveniently located Wasatch Mountain range.

Winter at Westminster: part of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah's alternative study abroad program.

Courtesy of Westminster College SLC

So maybe the last thing on your mind right now is cold, snow-filled Winter – but when that blazing sun and heat disappears — you’ll definitely want to turn back to this one!  Winter at Westminster sounds like a good fit for snow-loving, ski-wearing,snowboarding daredevils.

As with any typical study abroad program, it doesn’t matter what college you regularly attend (you can be from anywhere) – you simply have to apply as a full-time visiting student!  But it just wouldn’t be college if there wasn’t some work involved!  W@W students do have a full course load Monday through Thursday – but Friday and Saturday?  That’s reserved for fun!

Johanna Daley, the Associate Director of Communications at Westminster College, spells it out: “In addition to their academic schedule they participate in Winter at Westminster activities and events (back country skiing/snowboarding, yurt camping, avalanche training, guest lectures, bobsledding, and more) and are given passes to the Canyons and Snowbird or Alta [snow resorts].  Many also take advantage of the internship program and get internships in the winter sports industry.”

She says that, “The program is for any college student with a love of skiing and/or snowboarding. They don’t need to be advanced, but they need to have a reasonable amount of experience on the snow…and a novice would not be able to participate in all the activities (like back country days).”

Ever wanted to try yurt camping?  Winter at Westminster students have!

Courtesy of Westminster College SLC

Westminster College is also partnered with the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and is the official educator!  Daley elaborated, “About 37 of their (USSA) athletes are Westminster students and 14 of them competed in the 2010 Olympics.”

One Westminster College SLC freshman student, Bryon Wilson, even snagged a bronze medal in Men’s Freestyle Moguls at the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Want more?  Check out the Winter at Westminster online video contest entries, the W@W Blog, or the Winter at Westminster Facebook Page for an insider’s view.  While My College Guide may not understand all of the W@W jargon, like Gloobs, Noodlers, and SPORS, one thing is for sure – this might just be a college snow-lover’s dream come true!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I know some people are not too excited about the “abroad” part of studying abroad. I’ve also heard of college exchanges where people could attend an Ivy League, a historically black college, a college that has a different focus than their own, etc. for a semester or a year. Either way, it’s a new learning experience!

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