Virtual College Tour in Higher Education: Second Life Style



My College Guide discovered a slew of Second Life campus tours on YouTube – and we thought you might like to see them.  You won’t believe the ways in which the college campus has been reinterpreted within these virtual worlds!

Check out the  Washington State University Second Life virtual college tour with an appearance from the WSU Mascot Butch T. Cougar himself.  There’s also Florida International University that mimics the Miami, Florida campus – right down to the palm trees.

You’ll find the University of Kentucky, Saint Paul College’s tour that shows off The Pavilion (a meeting place with video screens and virtual Coke machine), as well as Ohio University and several learning kiosks.  But YouTube has even more, like East Carolina University, Texas State University San Marcos (with drivable golf carts and boats), San Jose State University, and ECPI College of Technology.

A trip to a Second Life virtual college campus won’t replace an actual college campus visit — but you can check out college coursework, student Second Life projects, and even sit in on lectures, speakers, and events – while having a little fun, too!  Take a look at how the college and university campus is transformed into this virtual world in recognizable (and sometimes not so recognizable) ways.  Watch Texas A&M’s Second Life Campus on YouTube or watch it below.

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