Useful Degrees Series: Degree in Viticulture & Enology at Cornell University

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Who Doesn’t Love a Little Wine?

Are you looking for a truly interesting and unusual college degree program?  Do you want a program that will make you the envy of your friends? There are plenty of programs that can help you stand out in the crowd and one of them is certainly undergraduate degree program in viticulture and enology at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  If you are wondering what viticulture and enology are, don’t worry, as you are certainly not alone!  Viticulture and enology involve the millennia-old process of growing great grapes and making great wine!  Now we have your attention, right?

A Rapidly Growing Field with Job Openings

The program in viticulture and enology teaches students what they need to know to work in the wine business in a variety of different capacities.  Few people realize that the wine business is a growing one.  In fact, it is growing quite rapidly and there are not enough people for the jobs!  While most would think that there would be ample people studying grape growing and wine making, the bottom line is that this just isn’t what is currently happening.

Is this program right for you?  If you don’t drink wine, then the answer is of course, probably not.  However, if you like wine and are open to a truly unusual, but growing profession, then a degree in viticulture and enology could be perfect for you.

A Diverse Program

The program isn’t one dimensional either, as students are expected and encouraged to combine their study of viticulture and enology with other courses to help make them more employable and well rounded.  Students in the program are thus encouraged to take business classes as part of their electives.

Picking a Specialization

Once in the program you will need to specialize either in viticulture or in enology.  The topics covered are surprisingly diverse and include everything from pest control to organic grape and wine production to wine microbiology and even beer!

Lots of Interesting Internship Positions Available

Another excellent aspect to this program is that there is a good deal of hands on work, just as one would hope in wine making.  Students in the program will have access to a comprehensive internship program that provides real, hands on experience.  There are roughly 1,400 vineyards and wineries in New York, and Cornell has relationships with many of these vineyards and wineries.  All of this means that those who complete the program will know what it takes to work at a vineyard and/or winery on Day One after graduation.

Get Your Hands Dirty, All Over the World

If the idea of spending all of your time behind of desk scares you a bit and you love wine, then you might just have a perfect match.  A degree in viticulture and enology means that you can get out of the office and “get your hands dirty.”  The fact is that students with a degree in viticulture and enology can find employment opportunities anywhere that wine is produced, and that means opportunities across the entire globe!

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