Useful Degrees Series: BFA in Animation and Digital Arts at Florida State University

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Do you like the idea of working in the film industry?  Many people are quick to answer “yes,” but might not know exactly how to go about doing so.  It is important to remember that film is a multi-billion dollar industry and, as a result, that means there are many, many different aspects to the industry as a whole.  Whether it is producing, directing or a range of behind the scenes jobs the film industry has opportunities especially for those with the right skills.

There are many different programs that cater to helping students acquire a deeper understanding of the film industry.  Programs that can be particularly useful are ones like the BFA in Animation and Digital Arts at Florida State University.  While this program is clearly not for everyone, those with an interest in animation and the digital end of media will find this degree program worth looking into and exploring.

The BFA in Animation and Digital Arts focuses on helping students acquire the skill sets necessary to produce their own films and even their own animations.  Of particular interest is the fact that the program at Florida State University boasts a low student to faculty ratio.  In fact, the program’s core is built around workshops led by accomplished professionals.  Much of the instruction takes place on a more personalized one-to-one level.

Those interested in a hands-on approach will certainly find this point worthy of note.  Further, this type of highly interactive instruction leads to an educational experience that is far different than what most undergraduate college students experience.

In terms of “hands-on” experience, like many college programs in film and animation, students in the BFA in Animation and Digital Arts at Florida State University produce their own shorts, which are then potentially screened at film festivals.  Another aspect of this hands on approach includes learning to operate a variety of different kinds of equipment and serve in a variety of different creative positions.

One plus side to completing such a program is that students will have concrete examples of their work and the skills that they have acquired during their degree program.  In this regard, the BFA in Animation and Digital Arts is different than many other programs.

Tuition as of 2012 is roughly $6,000 for Florida residents and about $21,000 for out-of-state residents.  Thus, those living outside of Florida who are thinking about this interesting and hands-on program will of course want to check for local, similar types of programs.

Is such a degree right for you?  For those who already have proven artistic ability in this area or a strong interest, such a program could prove to be highly rewarding.  One great byproduct of a degree of this kind is the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals before even completing a degree program, and this can, of course, lead to future opportunities across the spectrum.

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