What is a Resident Assistant?

When it comes to college housing, and all the joys and concerns that go with it, the Resident Assistant is someone you want to get to know! For learning how to get around on campus or info on academic policy at your school, your RA is always in the know.

What is a resident assistant?

What is a resident assistant?

What is a Resident Assistant?

In your dorm room or residence hall, you will have a Resident Assistant, or RA, who lives in the dorm or residence hall just like you. Unlike you, He or she will live there for the majority of the year (including weekends). Your RA is there to enforce the rules, mediate disagreements, and provide general support for students!

Your RA will also try to create a sense of community and ensure that everyone obeys the college or university’s rules (including what to take to college, so don’t try to sneak in Fluffy or Fido unless your school is a pet-friendly college). Here are three great reasons why the resident assistant is an important part of the dorm housing experience.

You Know You Could Use Somebody

Neutral Party – It happened. You neglected to heed any of My College Guide’s tips for how to get along with your college roommate and now: Things aren’t going so well. When you need a neutral party to help you sort things out, the Residential Advisor is just the person to talk to!

New Kid on the Block – Your resident adviser is someone who knows the ropes. If you need help with anything, like getting from Point A to Point B, figuring out a homework assignment, or you just need to know about on-campus resources, the resident assistant is just the person you need! Your RA can help you learn the lay of campus or help you deal with a troublesome professor. The resident assistant has the answers to your college questions!

Relationships 101 – Sometimes, your resident assistant is like the big brother or sister you have always wanted (or left behind 4 states away). When you have relationship squabbles or a big break-up, your resident assistant is someone that you can talk to about anything—and receive helpful, friendly support.

Code of Conduct

The job of a resident assistant varies from college to college but for the most part, the above remains true. Your residential adviser is your easy connection to college life. She or he can help you make the transition to college–and will also help see you off when you leave for the summer!

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