Associate of Arts Degree: All That You Need

Many adults returning back to school (and even students fresh out of college) are turning to an associate of arts degree. Online or on-campus, this degree can help get you working towards a bachelor degree in less time and with less money!

Thinking of obtaining an associate of arts degree? There's no better time than now!

Thinking of obtaining an associate of arts degree? There's no better time than now!

An associate’s degree is an undergraduate degree like any other except—this one only takes two years to complete! Best of all, earning this degree cuts two years from earning a bachelor’s degree!

You can find an associate of arts degree from the usual higher education institutions, like community colleges, junior colleges, technical and vocational schools, and colleges with bachelor’s degree programs.

The Purpose of an Associate of Arts Degree

An associate of arts degree (AA) helps you complete your general requirements before continuing on and snagging a bachelor’s degree. Of course, your credits may transfer differently, but as  general rule, an associate degree will reduce your time spent studying for a bachelor’s degree by two years and help you prepare for the workload involved in earning a four year degree.

You’ll need to compare programs and check out the sister college for the four year university you plan on transferring to. Some four year colleges offer an associate of arts degree so you won’t need to transfer colleges and will know that your credits will qualify toward completion of your bachelor’s degree.

What To Expect

An associate of art degree can help bulk up your resume!

An associate of art degree can help bulk up your resume!

As with any degree, associates, bachelor, or beyond, you will have specific courses that you will need to complete in order to graduate college. You won’t just get to “do art” all day.

You may be required to complete courses in math, English (like English Composition or Literature), and the humanities (like sociology or psychology) as well as other subjects. Whether you complete these courses on-campus or online, you will have certain art-related courses to complete in order to graduate. Your art classes can also vary depending on the school you are attending and what they have to offer!

What’s Next?

Your associate of arts degree can help you work toward a bachelor’s degree in quite the range of subjects! These majors include business administration, languages, social sciences, law, accounting, and the arts, of course. Your academic background will then form the basis for jobs in the same fields—and beyond!

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