How Much Time Should You Invest in Studying for the SAT?

Ask almost anyone that is knowledgeable regarding the college admissions process, and they will tell you that the SAT is of paramount importance.  For good or ill, the SAT dominates the college admissions process unlike few other tests.  No pressure, right?  Clearly, the SAT is serious business and going into it unprepared isn’t a good idea.  For most students, the test is rigorous and demanding.  Therefore, the sooner your begin studying for it, the better off you will be.  As a result, the issue of time management is also a vitally important one.  In this article, we will explore just how much time you should spend studying for the SAT and how you can find more quality time to study.

Don’t Neglect Your Grades for Your SAT Score

First it needs to be stated that your SAT study time shouldn’t be so intense that you fail to study for your regular classes and allow your grades to drop.  Doing this could have serious consequences and will impact what colleges and universities ultimately accept you.  So remember- focus on your coursework first and then the SAT.

Practice Tests are a Factor

Secondly, how much time you study for the SAT is somewhat dependent on you are performing on multiple practice tests.  If you are doing very well, then you may be able to study a little less than you would if you were doing poorly in every section of the SAT.  So what should you do if you fail to live up to your expectations when taking SAT practice exams?  SAT test prep tutoring might very well be a good idea in this situation.

So How Much Should I Study?

So how much time is enough?  As you might have guessed, that depends largely on how well you are performing on practice tests and what kind of score you wish to receive.  Clearly, you should study as much as possible, as the test is indeed that important.  If you take nothing else away from this article, remember that fact!  Other factors are indeed very important, but admissions officials put an incredible amount of weight on this one test.

The SAT is a Test, Not Your Future

Now that doesn’t mean that you should somehow believe that this test is your destiny.  Some students believe this, and it negatively impacts their futures when they do poorly on the test.  In the end, it is just a test constructed by people.

Don’t Forget to Relax

The bottom line is that you should study as much as you can for the SAT, but that studying has to be balanced with some “downtime” or you will become burned out and your study time may become increasingly ineffective and inefficient.  Studying all the time isn’t the answer, but when you are studying for the SAT, do your best to make every minute count!  The more you study and the more practice tests you take, the greater your chances of success on the SAT will be.

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