Six Key Steps to Take While in College to Help You Land That First Job

It is possible to be so focused on getting good grades or partying while in college that you miss the mark and find yourself in a difficult position when it comes to landing a job when you graduate.  Let’s take a look at the steps you should be considering, preferably while still in high school, in regards to landing a great job.

Step One-Is Your Major Right for You?

If you are heading down the wrong career path and pick the wrong major ,it will be difficult to excel.  In other words, if your heart isn’t in it, you might not succeed!  So carefully evaluate your career path choices.

Step Two-Understand Your Career

Many people are lucky enough that they know exactly what they want to do when they go into college.  Those that fall into this category should take full advantage of this edge.  If you already know what area you will be seeking employment in, then do research on that field.  When you have more knowledge regarding your chosen field, you will see more opportunities.  This research will allow you to select possible companies that you would like to work for and maybe even change courses that you select while in college.  In fact, you might even decide to pick up a minor, a second degree or go on with your education.

Step Three-Build Your Resume

There are many ways that you can build your resume while in college, so think of some of the ways that you could potentially do this, and then take the necessary steps.  Consider starting a small company in your chosen field, doing volunteer work that somehow relates to your field or anything that you think would make you a more attractive candidate.

Step Four-Be an Interesting Person

Giving a great interview and standing out amongst the sea of competitors can be difficult.  One way you can do it is to be an interesting person.  There are many ways you can approach this.  For example, develop some interesting and unusual hobbies that you can somehow link to your chosen career.  If you are a poor speaker, take lessons!  You should look for your deficiencies and then make real strides in advance to correct them.

Step Five-Take Your Resume Very Seriously

Don’t simply throw together your resume.  Individuals who have poorly constructed resumes that have errors or don’t properly reflect their accomplishments are doing themselves a serious disservice.  You have spent years building up your resume- so don’t hide it!

Step Six-Show Career Advancement

One fast way for potential employers to see that you are a good candidate is to show advancement at your previous jobs.  You may need to work a part-time job while in college.  If so, seek out a part-time job that you feel has potential for advancement.  Many employers really love “go-getters” and promotions show that others have deemed your responsible and worthy of more responsibility!

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    Be an interesting person may be underrated, but so important. Great tips!

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