What is Business Administration?

What is Business Administration? Why, it’s only the perfect fit for those with a head for business, the ability to get and stay organized, and the people skills to match! You’ll be in charge of leading people, organizing data, and developing plans that will get the job done in whatever business sector you choose.

What is business administration?


What is Business Administration?

Business administration is simply managing the operations of a business, large or small. Your task is to manage the people and day to day operations to ensure the company or organization meets a set or series of targeted goals.

What Does a Business Administrator Do All Day?

Communicate, communicate, communicate. You’ll be working with people inside the company and out! You may be hiring in new help, organizing and delegating to various lower-level employees, and being the team leader responsible for meeting company goals and mandates. Budgeting and heavy-math can be a big part of the job of a business administrator!

Online Business Administration Programs

For students seeking more flexibility, a number of accredited universities now offer Business Administration degrees through online study. Some of the more popular universities offering online business degrees are listed by degree type below.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration offered online:

  • Colorado State University (Concentrations: Management, Accounting, Business Analytics, Marketing, Leadership)
  • Ashford University (Concentrations: Business Information Systems, HR Management, Business Economics, eMarketing)
  • Liberty University (Concentrations: Marketing, HR, Finance, Financial Planning, Green & Sustainable Management)
  • Post University (Concentrations: Management, Sports Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship)
  • Saint Leo University (Concentrations: Accounting, Management, Marketing, Human Resources)

Business Administrator Skills

If you find yourself asking, “What is Business Administration” and “Would it be a good fit for me?” You should know what handy basic skills business admins should possess! Your personal skill set should include at least the following characteristics to help ensure your business administration success:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Flexible
  • Great Multi-Tasking
  • Leader
  • Innovative

How to Get There

Lucky for you, when it comes to what is business administration, you’ve got options. You can work toward a bachelor’s degree in business administration which will let you go further in your career! Expand the range of companies for which you can work as well as the sheer size of the company with a degree in business administration.

Considering a degree in business administration? The sky is the limit!

Carles Tomás Martí / Carles Tomás Martí

You’ll choose from a few different concentrations in order to focus on the area of business administration that fits your career aspirations. From big company to little, you’ll have plenty of options.

These specializations may include accounting, human resource management, marketing, finance, and even real estate—to name a few. As you can see, business administration is something that most every business needs!

Business Administration Courses

What is business administration? If you decide to major in business administration, you will take a variety of classes that may include projects, presentations, workshops, and even seminars featuring experts in the field, who will be sure to clue you in. These will prepare you for the demands of the job!

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