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What is a Vocational School?

Have you been asking yourself, “What is a vocational school?” Well, My College Guide has the answer! Read on for the details about this type of higher education option to see if it fits into your future plans.

What is a vocational school?

What is a vocational school?

What is a Vocational School?

A vocational school is different from a four year college (online or off). Instead of taking four years of your life to get that degree, a vocational school will let you get it done in two!

It’s not so much about building you up to fit a bunch of different careers but more like providing you with specific skills to do a particular type of job, like construction or massage therapy.

A Rose by Any Other Name

What is a vocational school and how does it relate to trade schools or career schools? No matter what it is called, a vocational school is the same as a trade or career school. They describe the same thing, much like how the terms “college” and “higher education” are used.

Selective Skills

Still wondering what is a vocational school? Are you great at fixing motorcycles or want to be a chef? Then you you might want to look into a vocational school! Do you want a way in to the heating and air conditioning industry or service and repair marine engines? A vocational school could be the perfect option for you!

What is vocational school? When you know what you want but just need a way to get there, vocational schools are the answer! Earn your degree in less time (and usually a lot less money) than your typical four year college while learning skills in the specific field that you want! It’s hands-on and, in many cases, in-demand!

Vocational School Coursework

A vocational school is hands-on!

A vocational school is hands-on!

While students at four year schools have a varied list of core subjects to complete before college graduation, vocational schools are highly specialized. What is a vocational school? Two words: hands on!

In vocational school, you won’t just read out of your college textbook, you’ll get in there and get dirty! Depending on your career path, you’ll take classes that reflect your field. Need an example?

You won’t only learn how to read and understand blueprints and schematics but learn how to apply them in real life. Interested in becoming a chef? You won’t just study what happens to milk when it is heated, you’ll learn how to make sauces and gourmet meals.

Tools of the Trade

Vocational school students frequently leave their colleges not only with a degree and a firm background in their field, but they often leave with tools of the trade. Those mechanically inclined may have the cost of name-brand tools as part of their tuition. Likewise, a future chef will usually exit the doors of the school with a snazzy set of sharp knives.

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