What Can You Do with an English Degree?

What Can You Do with an English Degree

What Can You Do with an English Degree

You excel at writing, you enjoy literature, and you thrive on deep thinking. You’ve chosen a college major but now you know the inevitable question is sure to follow, “What can you do with an English degree?”

Don’t worry, My College Guide has the answer to that! Whether you realize it yet or not, you’ve got a slew of career opportunities ahead of you!

What Can You Do with an English Degree: Answered

Teacher of the Future — You’ll need certification, but your English degree is a starting point! Just think: you could be molding young minds and preparing children for the future! It’s an awesome responsibility but a great fit for many English majors.

Technical Writing — Gone are the days when becoming a writer meant lousy pay! Today, technical and grant writers earn a very solid living writing detailed reports and it all stems from an English degree.

Mass Media — Are you interested in reporting? What about publishing or researching? When it comes to getting a job, these are all skills enhanced by a degree in English. If you have set your sights on breaking into the literary world and beyond, this is just the kind of strong foundation from which you could benefit.

Business — Who knew business and an English degree could go hand-in-hand? Oh wait. We did! Critical thinking is a key component of an English degree. What better use for it than a career in business administration or even management?

Public Relations and Advertising — It’s not all low-key. High pressure jobs like advertising and public relations can use the solid communication skills of an English major. If you thrive on short deadlines and thinking on your feet, this career track could be the right fit for you!

Living with an English Degree

It might not be all “hoorays” and high fives when you declare your college major to friends and family, but now that you know all the different places that your useful college degree in English can take you, you can share those options with others.

Take an assortment of classes, figure out the career track that best suits you, and feel confident knowing that your English degree can take you there!

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