What Should You Be Looking for in a Part-Time College Job?

A great part-time job can be a must for many college students.  If you are trying to or will try to pay for college yourself, then you are familiar with private loans for college and have likely researched how to find college scholarships.  Scholarships and grants are fantastic, as you clearly don’t have to worry about repaying the money!  Yet, scholarships and grants don’t materialize for everyone, and that means that you may need to supplement your income while in college if at all possible.  This all begs the question, “What should you be looking for when it comes to finding a college job?”

Factor One – A Job That Isn’t Too Physically Demanding Could Be a Problem

Situations often dictate that you have to grab whatever job you can.  But if possible you should try to avoid jobs that are very physically demanding.  Sometimes this is true even if a job pays relatively well, and here is why.  If a job is so demanding that you are left too exhausted to study, then your goals of graduating from college will become far more difficult.  Sure you may be able to squeeze all of your studying in on the weekends, but this just isn’t realistic for most people.

It is also worth noting that some jobs may not seem as though they would be highly demanding; however, once you begin you discover you are left exhausted.  College students who find themselves in this situation would be well advised to look for another job if at all possible.

Factor Two – A Resume Booster Would Be Very Nice

Throughout your college career, you should be looking for ways to boost your resume and effectively set your resume apart from the competition.  When it comes to finding a part-time job, keep your eye out for one that you feel will work well with your career path and your chosen major.  The connection might not be immediately obvious and it may only occur to you after you’ve given it some thought, but just remember finding a way to boost your resume now could make landing that first “real job” after college a good deal easier.

Factor Three – Use Your Social Connections and See Results

There is nothing wrong with asking around and seeing if any of your friends or family has a lead on a college job that would fit your criteria.  You may be pleasantly surprised if you ask around.  There may be some exciting options for you!

In the end, the last thing you want is for a part-time college job to be some taxing and so demanding that your grades are impacted.  Sometimes the best job decision you can make is to pass on a job.  Make sure that the college job you select is in line with your goal of graduating, and you are unlikely to regret your decision, now or in the future!

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