How to Improve Your Vocabulary for the SAT

Boosting your vocabulary score on the SAT is a smart move no matter how you look at it.  A larger vocabulary isn’t just something that will serve you well on the SAT exam.  A more impressive and diverse vocabulary will also help you in college as well.  When it comes time to write papers, a diverse vocabulary certainly won’t serve to harm your grades!  Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can build your vocabulary today so that you will be able to increase your SAT scores.

You may have taken a few SAT practice test online or taken the prep test offered by any number of books.  No doubt this is an excellent step towards boosting your SAT score.  Simply familiarizing yourself with the kinds of words that might appear on the SAT is a smart move and one that is worth your time.

Another step you will want to consider is buying SAT prep books that are specifically focused on building your vocabulary.  It is important to point out that there are many different kinds of vocabulary books, and you can learn something from all of them.  However, for the purposes of studying for the SAT, your best choices are books specifically designed for increasing your knowledge of the kind of words that are likely to appear on the SAT exam.

Let’s take a look at one good option.

Gruber’s SAT Word Master: The Most Effective Way to Learn the Most Important SAT Vocabulary Words by Dr. Gary Gruber

The strategies contained in the book are helpful, as there is a focus on not just hundreds and hundreds of commonly used SAT words, but a look at prefixes and suffixes as well. Gruber’s SAT Word Master also contains many practice tests.  The end result is a woven together book that accomplishes what it sets out to do.

While there are more comprehensive SAT prep books on the market, if you are a student, or the parent of a student that is prepping for the SAT, then this is a smart pick that you should definitely consider.

So you’re armed with a couple of good overall SAT prep books and you have Gruber’s SAT Word Master: The Most Effective Way to Learn the Most Important SAT Vocabulary Words, now what?  That depends on how much time you have.  The more time you have, clearly the more you can do to prepare for the SAT.  Here are some additional ideas that could help you boost your SAT vocabulary.

  • Create a special study group designed specifically for boosting your SAT vocabulary knowledge.
  • Study old SAT exams and practice exams so you know the kind of words that are on the exam.
  • Gruber’s book has a section that focuses on learning common prefixes and suffixes.  Knowing these could give you a serious leg up come test time.
  • Ask friends and family to quiz you on potential test words.
  • Try incorporating your new vocabulary words into papers you are currently writing, as you will likely remember a word that you recently used to write a paper.

It seems like it is a good idea to know the most commonly used SAT words going into the actual test itself.  The people that make the SAT are, of course, aware of this fact as well.  But there is no way around it, knowing these words isn’t likely to hurt your SAT score.  The only thing it can really do is help you!

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