You Can Find a Great College Roommate!

Much goes into having a great college experience.  Getting stuck with a bad college roommate is something that you want to avoid.  College dorm life can, of course, be tricky, and you might not have too much say over what kind of roommate that you might have.  However, if you are living off campus, then you may need to find a college roommate.  There is another question you need to ask first and that is, “Do I definitely need a roommate or even want a roommate?”  Whether or not you have a roommate during college is largely a matter of finances for most people.  Of course, if you are a freshmen living in the dorms, most schools will automatically assign a roommate to you.  In this case, you will most likely be living with someone you have never met before.

However, if you decide to live off-campus, you will be able to select who you live with.  If you are willing to travel more miles or more minutes to attend your college, you will be able to find cheaper rent in many locations.  This could translate into not having to have a college roommate.  Secondly, if you are willing to have a much smaller apartment, you may once again be able to avoid having a college roommate.  Thus keep in mind that you might have options where a college roommate is concerned.  So think over those options instead of just assuming that there is only one path.

Don’t Forget You Could Spend a Great Deal of Time with Your Roommate

If you do decide that you want a roommate or must have a roommate due to financial reasons, choose wisely and carefully if possible.  After all, you are getting stuck with the person (or people) you pick, potentially in close quarters and under a potentially stressful situation for weeks on end.  Having a stressful day only to know that you must go home and face a roommate that you hate is very unpleasant.

Keeping all of this in mind, don’t jump at the first person that responds to your ad for a roommate or jump at the first apartment or room that you see.  Like with most things, it will likely pay to shop around.

Also don’t be afraid to trust your gut instincts.  If you feel as though a situation is bad news, then go with that gut feeling.  If for no other reason imagine how horrible you will feel constantly telling yourself, “I knew better,” or “I had a bad feeling, why didn’t I listen to it?”

A great apartment or house can derail your judgment, and you need to be on guard against this happening to you.  Simply stated, a great space can make you overlook important other factors.

On one hand, you don’t want to behave as though your life depends on selecting your college roommate.  But on the other hand, you don’t want to get stuck with someone that is going to drive you crazy either.  Knowing your own limits, what you like and don’t like, and what you can tolerate are all essential pieces of information that will serve you well.  Listen to your gut, use your commonsense and, if necessary, get advice from other people as well.

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